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19/9/20 NOTICE: All Baader Eyepieces (except the 13mm – which can be backordered) are now back in stock.  Enjoy!

10/9/20 NOTICE: VVAX ROR (“Residual Oil Remover”) is back in stock.  This is a superb optical cleaner.  If your eyepieces have slight dust, I wouldn’t worry, but you should remove fingerprints as that does cause long term problems the longer you leave it on.  ROR is the best product.  You won’t need much, just get one and you will have enough for many applications.

THE BAADER RANGE – “To know them, is to love them”

Hyperion eyepieces application examples  /  Hyperion eyepieces technical data  / Hyperion 68° eyepieces – brief description and recommended use