Kson Tracker Mount and 400x80mm Refractor Review / Setup Guide

Kson Tracker Mount & Kson f/5 400mm x 80mm Refractor Review

10/5/21 – We were excited to get the new Kson 400x80mm refractors back in stock.  In this review, we will walk you through how to set up the scope, and provide some general information and how you can get the best out of this scope.

Kson are relatively unknown here in Australia but are a very good optics supplier based in Shenzen, China.  Optics are all they do, and they have, in recent years shown a sharp increase in the quality of workmanship and have been very willing to respond to suggestions that we have made to improve the products over the years.  The Kson 400×80 f/5 refractor is no exception.  We should make clear that the refractors provided by Astro Dog are made our specs and are higher quality than usual.  Specifications are as follows:

  • f/5 400mm x 80mm OTA (Optical Tube Assembly)
  • Smooth 1.25″ focuser
  • Ring Cradle+ (the + version is red, wider than usual and tough) + Vixen Bar
  • Finder Shoe (Metal)
  • The tube is metal (non plastic, pearl white finish)

Let’s proceed.

Night Time Views

We used the Tracker in a day-time configuration, and while we didn’t use the slow motion controls, it was very easy to set up and use during the day – but how about the night?

We tested it during the night, and the performance was impressive.  We viewed the Jewel Box and were very impressed by the colour accuracy – it came through very clear and the vibrant.  Coma was more than acceptable given the f/5 nature of the scope and it gave great widefield views.  Though the slow motion controls were tested – with a 80mm scope and a 25mm eyepiece in use, there really wasn’t much of a need for it at all.  I’d add however that I wouldn’t use this tracker with a very high powered eyepiece – that’s not what it’s designed for – use it to pull in those oh so sweet wide views.

Options?  Pricing?

The Tracker’s can be purchased separately, and the 400x80mm Scope OTA can be purchased in two configurations, with or without rings.

f/6.6 600mm x 90mm version $249.95 (no rings)

f/6.6 600mm x 90mm version $299.95 (with rings)

Add Kson Tracker Mount – $149.95

Contact us on 0427 506 571 to purchase.