“Where’s my Security!” – Why we worked to create the safest Astronomy shop in Australia

Very early on, when we founded Astro Dog, we had a security scare.  A plugin we were using (“Word Press File Manager” in case your wondering) was compromised, and as we were using the plugin, it compromised our site. It resulted in the index file being injected with malware, and tried to redirect people to a 3rd party website (probably a bad one!) Fortunately, we have an excellent hosting service, which shut down the website automatically in real time, and nothing happened.  I remember thinking “Where’s my security!” 

We wondered – were we the only ones affected and at risk?  I decided to investigate Australia’s Astronomy Retailers (I tested about nine popular ones) and discovered that it’s a problem across the board. 

We went from Mozilla Observatory’s original rating of F, to C-, to D+, to C, a B, and finally to a B. (We are still working on it, so it may go higher again).  Here’s how we are doing now, compared to what’s typical currently.

Security Check of Australian Astronomy Retailers

Astronomy StoreMozilla Observatory Grade (Stringent)QualysSucuri Risk Rating
Astro DogBA+Low Risk
O****** CBLow Risk
O**** *******FAHigh Risk
A******** *****FAMedium Risk
B*****FBLow Risk
A********-***********-*******FBMedium Risk
A***** **************FT (Not Trusted)Medium Risk
A**** *******FT (Not Trusted)Medium Risk
T*********-*********FBMedium Risk
S***** *****FAHigh Risk
All sites were checked and are accurate as at 16/1/21.

Be assured we still work hard behind the scenes to make sure we give you the best experience possible and that the site is as safe as we can make it!