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Lay-By Agreement

SIMPLE – Eight Weeks – Four Payments.

For amounts $200 and over, we offer Lay-by.  This can also be used to quickly secure a bargain, pay a deposit, and then pay out the balance a week later for example.

You pay for goods in four instalments, over 8 weeks or less.  So, there is the first instalment on the day we hold the goods for you, a second payment after two weeks, a third two weeks after that, and the final payment eight weeks after your order.  The item is shipped to you when all instalments have been paid.

After each deposit, (the first of which you make yourself after checking out), we will send your lay-by payment schedule out to you in a day or two outlining your remaining three payments and the dates they are due.  Use your banking service to make those payments on the date they are due and when it’s all paid, we ship it!

Here’s an example:

Your invoice Amount is $2000

You pay a deposit of $500 (25% of the amount) on Jan 1, the date of the order.  Here’s how your payment plan will look.

Date Amount Balance
Jan 1 Deposit (First Payment) $500 $1500
Jan 15 Second Payment $500 $1000
Jan 29 Third Payment $500 $500
Feb 12 Final Payment $500 $0

We will send you a confirmation after each deposit.

How do I checkout when getting a lay-by?

Select “Direct Deposit / 8 Week Layby (Over $200)” at checkout.  That’s it.

The BSB and Account details for your deposits will be provided, and we will send the agreement to you as soon as Nadine gets to it (usually within a day).

Can the lay-by be cancelled?

Either party can cancel the lay-by agreement any time before delivery of the goods.  The termination fee is 10% (of the total order).

You can cancel the lay-by agreement for any reason.  We will refund you all amounts paid less 10% of the order (termination fee).

We can also cancel the lay-by.  We might do this if you’ve broken the agreement (e.g. payments are not made and no mutual agreement has been reached on payments).  In this case, we will refund you all your payments minus the termination fee.  If we cancel the lay-by for other reasons (e.g. the product is no longer available and this is outside of our control) we will refund you all your payments in full without a termination fee.

What if I miss a payment?

You need to make your payments, or contact us for an extension before the due date.  We can’t extend the final payment date, and we don’t do lay-by’s longer than 8 weeks.

Anything else I should know?

You can change your mind about a product, and switch to something else (for example, change from one telescope to another), but the original lay-by will need to be terminated first.  In this case, a termination fee of 5% applies to the original lay-by.

Keep copies of the agreement and receipts for the deposit and all instalments.

If you have a problem with a lay-by agreement, try to resolve it by discussing it with us.

Print this page, it constitutes your lay-by agreement you accept at checkout when selecting ‘lay-by’ as a payment gateway.  If you don’t understand something here, please contact us and talk to us.  We’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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