Delivery Methods and Insurance

When will my article be posted?


We are still blazingly FAST – If an item was ordered before 12 (Midday) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, Brisbane, +10), we will generally ship same day.   After 12pm, it goes on to the next day. 

Regional / Remote Areas Shipping

In cases where the item you purchased is bulky (such as a Dobsonian, or item over 10kg) and you live in a particularly regional area, the estimated shipping cost you pay at checkout may not be accurate.  We reserve the right to adjust this amount, and send you an invoice for the shipping difference.  You are entitled not to accept this shipping charge and we will refund you for your order.  Please be sure to include your phone number when ordering bulky items or you are in a particularly remote area.  It makes things a lot easier. 

How is my item packed?

We put a lot of care and attention into our packaging.  We try to be environmentally friendly and use items that will break down (sadly, the tape won’t..).  We try and reduce waste by reusing cardboard packaging, void fill and generally whatever we can get our hands on.  We usually use a sturdy cardboard brown box, with foam packaging on the inside, which we fill for overall tension.  It is sealed with quality tape around the openings and we attach a fragile sticker as needed.  As one customer put it “Packaging is definitely overboard”.  We prefer to think many are just not used to good packaging anymore.   

How long will it take for me to get my item?

We mail things stupidly fast – Our local Australia Post office is exceptionally fast and  delivers to many parts of Australia between 2-4 days.  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND the Express Delivery Option for Western Australia and Northern Territory. 

If you are from WA / NT, we are keen to look after you permanently – call us and we will give you a special code for free express shipping upgrades on all your orders. Cool hey?

What Delivery Service will your goods be sent to me with?

We use Australia Post.  We deliver via alternative means (courier) if the item is large, bulky or it is common sense to do so.  You can force an insured Australia Post delivery by specifying in the comments section that you want Australia Post delivery Only.  If you don’t trigger an Australia Post Delivery by doing this, then you accept that it may be sent with our choice of courier or Australia Post (but without insurance).  Note that it isn’t possible to use Australia Post for some bulky items. 

Who is responsible for shipping / damage / lost delivery?

We take responsibility for making sure that your item is packed and sent on time, and also provide you with a tracking number for all items.  Make sure that you are registered with Australia Post to get these sorts of alerts.  Couriers Please, Australia Post take responsibility for what happens after it has been collected.  You are responsible for purchasing extra insurance before checkout is finished if that is what you want.  You are also responsible for claiming insurance on these items if something goes wrong (in fact, Australia Post insist on it) or bearing the loss if you didn’t buy insurance. 

What insurance do these carriers have?

Australia Post delivers everywhere we know of. It includes $100 of insurance with no excess. If you need more than that, you can ask for it in the comments section – it costs $2 per $100, and we will send you a paypal bill for it when we process your order. Insurance is subject to Australia Post’s terms and conditions.

What happens if my item does not track?

Articles will not track if they have not been scanned by the carrier.  It can mean that it has not been collected or sent, but it may be because the carrier has not scanned it.  We have had cases where posted articles were NOT scanned at all by Australia Post, but turned up at the expected time.  It happens.  If a tracking number is issued on a Saturday or Sunday, it will not track until Monday evening at the earliest, as that will be the next Australia Post working day.