Astro Dog Has Moved to Blackbutt!

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If your not familiar with us, we are an Online Astronomy Retailer.  We don’t have a shop front, but have moved our Business to Blackbutt due to darker skies and good postal facilities.  So, if you place an order, you will get a local delivery for free.

Astro Dog Lighting – Night Vision Headlamp

We have sold hundreds of these for a reason – they are the best red/white headlamps in Australia.  The dim red night light is designed to allow you to preserve your night vision – not just to blast red light everywhere, and a bright white light when needed.

If you’ve never been intro Astronomy before, why not start with some Binoculars?  Some 7×50 or 10×50 are all you need, and if you have a tripod already, you can even try the 12×50 binoculars.  All our binoculars have specialty coatings designed for maximum light transmission and come with a tripod adaptor, so you can attach them easily for steady, long views.

Light Weight 5.2 Degree View Binoculars including Neckstrap and Case

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Do you have a spotting scope, or a Telescope?

We have the best Japanese Manufactured 50 degree Orthoscopic Eyepieces – Stunning Views, extraordinary transmission

Back in stock!

Does your Telescope need setting up?  Need some help on how to use it, or want me to teach your kids?  Collimation?  Mirror Cleaning and Telescope Servicing?  

We are also here to promote Astronomy – so if you have a Telescope you can’t figure out how to use, make the best investment of all and get me out there to set it up, and get it operational, and teach you how to use it.  It’s the best $50 you can spend!  Marcel is an Educational Expert, with over 16 years of education background, including Children and Adults.

We have a huge range of products – why not have a look at the site and explore what we have, and your welcome to call us up and talk to us about how to get your Astronomy gear up and running the way you should.

Conditions: Valid for webstore or at site purchases only on the 1st and 2nd of June Only.  All items are special ordered once out of stock and expected to arrive to you within 7-14 days.  Kson custom telescopes may need a few extra days due to factory adjustments and are usually (but not always) sent direct speed up delivery.