ASTRO SPECIALS – SRAA (Scenic Rim Astronomy Association)

Welcome to the Astro Dog’s Scenic Rim Astronomy Association Page!

Joined the SRAA?  Astro Dog and the SRAA have a strong association.  As part of your welcome pack, please accept the gift of one of our special RED Astronomy headlamps.  In addition, you can use the discount code “SRAA” for FREE SHIPPING for as long as you retain membership.  We also occasionally put up exclusive preorders, special items and exclusive discounts on this page.  As a member of the SRAA in good standing, you can also participate in product testing and development (this is arranged through Peter Vidot).


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You can only use one of the codes.  When noted, they are SINGLE use codes.  The SRAA Code is a special code which can be repeatedly used and can even be used on items on special.


We would like to give you a gift – one of our best selling head-lamps.  Please see Peter Vidot or your Secretary to obtain one.  We have sold hundreds of these for a reason – they are the best red/white headlamps in Australia.  The dim red night light is designed to allow you to preserve your night vision – not just to blast red light everywhere, and a bright white light when needed.


Light Weight 5.2 Degree View Binoculars including Neckstrap and Case

If you are just getting into Astronomy, why not start with some Binoculars?  Some 7×50 or 10×50 are all you need for handheld, and if you have a tripod already, you can even try the 12×50 binoculars.  All our binoculars include a tripod adaptor, so you can attach them easily for steady, long views as well as a soft case, neck strap and decent instructions.


We recommend a table top Dobsonian, one of our two larger Dobsonians (if you have the space) or a Tracker Mount and a widefield refractor to get started.  ALL of these are suitable for beginners and intermediate Astronomers and will give you absolutely wonderful views.  Talk to someone at the SRAA to get a bit more information.  If you are serious about Astronomy, the A102G Double and Tracker mount represents incredible value and will come in at around a grand plus delivery.  The build quality is fantastic and you’ll have local support.

What eyepieces do we recommend?

We have the best Japanese Manufactured 50 degree Orthoscopic Eyepieces – Stunning Views, extraordinary transmission – inexpensive.

We also can recommend the Baader Zoom, and the Morpheus eyepieces for the ultimate wideview experience.

We have a huge range of products – why not have a look at the site and explore what we have, and your welcome to call us up and talk to us about how to get your Astronomy gear up and running the way you should.