Loan Agreement

Have we offered you a piece of loan equipment in an email?  Please take good care of it.  This explains your obligations to take care of it.  Please sign and complete the form.


    This is between Astro Dog (ABN 99 627 185 499), at 5 Valley Road, Cherry Creek, QLD 4314 and you. The hire agreement takes effect after you have submitted this form, when Astro Dog accepts the agreement and initiates shipping or you sign for the goods at pickup. Please print this form for your records once you have signed it at the bottom.

    Let's start with your details.

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    Your address where goods will be kept.


    What goods are being hired? Please enter the specific item/s.

    Agreed Price of Hire per day in $AUD (Leave at 0 if it is a free loan) :
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    You agree:

    1. To pay any due hire charges (if applicable) to Astro Dog in advance prior to delivery.
    2. That your responsible for the costs to get the hire equipment to you, and to return it.
    3. That you've taken delivery of the equipment when you sign for it, or when the courier or Australia Post service contracted to give the goods to you show delivery.
    4. That throughout the period of the hire, that you will maintain the equipment and to return the equipment in the same condition as it was when you first took possession, less fair wear and tare as determined by Astro Dog.
    5. To carefully inspect the equipment at time of delivery or pickup and to inform Astro Dog in writing within 12 hours of delivery if there is any problem.
    6. To not to part with the possession of the equipment or give it to anyone else.
    7. To return all of the equipment promptly to Astro Dog at the end of the period of hire without us having to make demands for you to do so. You may return the equipment earlier if you wish. You are responsible for the arrangements and cost of returning the equipment to us. You need to send it back in the same packaging as protection as it was sent to help reduce the chances of the equipment being damaged. We may be able to assist you in organising a courier, or to organise a label for Australia Post to get the equipment back at a cheaper rate than you can, let us know if you would like some help.
    8. To permit (and obtain permission) for Astro Dog to enter the premises where the equipment may be located and to permit the repossession by Astro Dog of the equipment if Astro Dog determines that any breach of the term or condition of the hire has been committed and to pay any costs incurred in doing so.
    9. To indemnify Astro Dog against any claims or actions whatsoever or howsoever made in respect of the equipment or the use thereof arising out of any event occurring during the period of hire.
    10. To be responsible for any loss or damage to any of the equipment arising during the time from when you took delivery of the equipment until returned and to pay full replacement costs for any equipment lost or considered by Astro Dog as being irreparably damaged, capped to the retail cost of the equipment as agreed between yourself and Astro Dog in this agreement. Such payment shall be made by the Hirer within seven (7) days of such loss or damage coming to the attention of Astro Dog.
    11. That you are responsible for all loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused to any person or property in relation to the equipment or the use thereof. The equipment is to be used for personal use only, and never to be used publicly or in a situation where public liability insurance would be needed. We are not going to be responsible if something awful happens to you or others when using our equipment.
    12. The use of the equipment is at your own risk. If the item is a telescope, or an item that has the potential to cause injury, you need to make sure you use it safely. Solar observations of the sun are expressed prohibited, regardless of your experience or precautions taken. The Telescope is to be covered during the day.
    13. If the equipment is lost or stolen, you will pay for the full replacement cost of the equipment within seven (7 days) of loss or expiry of contract term.
    13. If any of the terms and conditions is, or becomes for any reason, wholly or partly invalid that the term and conditions shall to the extent of the invalidity be served without out prejudice to the continuing force and validity of the remaining terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed to take in effect in accordance with the laws of the State where you take delivery of the equipment.

    We've tried to keep it simple, but please call us if you're not sure what something means.

    Declaration - I affirm I am 18 years or older and affirm that the information I have entered is accurate. I accept the website's terms and conditions.

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