1.25″ Astrosystems Lightpipe / Sight tube (no laser/batteries required) for Primary and Secondary Mirror alignment



  • Astrosystems 1.25″ Light Pipe/ Sight Tube

  • Fits into 1.25″ focusers and 2″ focusers (Adaptor included)

  • Metal, CNC machined with quality parts

This is the best collimator we have tested.  The way it works, is that you fit it into the 1.25″ eyepiece slot, and slide it in.  When you look through it, you will be able to easily identify if you need to adjust the secondary holder up, down, left, right, forward or backward to get perfect alignment.  You then can adjust the primary, and readjust the secondary until perfect alignment is achieved.

This is superior to a laser as you can carefully check the secondary alignment, not just whether the laser beam ends up in the right place.

The white plastic top, you hold a small pocket torch up to, and it will illuminate the center dot on the primary, showing you clearly what you need to adjust.  So simple!

No batteries are required.

Dimensions18 × 18 × 10 cm

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