16mm Kson Counterweight for Saxon / Skywatcher + Other Mounts (1.1kg)

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Perfect as a replacement for old rusty counter-weights, or to add some extra weight to balance things out.

Note that this has a 16mm diameter – it will work with many mounts, including the Saxon EQ2’s and other mounts that require a smaller diameter hole.  Check the inner diameter of your existing counterweight, or the thickness of your counterweight bar to ensure a nice fit.  It includes the screw, with which you can tighten it to keep its position on the bar.

Not sure about counterweights?  Watch our helpful video which explains your options, and how they work.


  • 16mm Diameter
  • 1.1kg in weight
  • Comes with a hand tightening screw so you can lock it’s position where you need it

What’s unique about your order:

  • We ship from Brisbane – Not China
  • We are the only ones who provide detailed instructions on its usage and provide additional nightvision information along with your order.
  • We securely pack it

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 cm