2″ (2 Inch) 32mm Fully Multi-Coated Kellner Eyepiece with Quality Twist Case


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Kson 2″ 32mm Kellner Low Magnification/Power Eyepiece
Includes quality 2″ wide hard plastic screw case (simply twist and unlock)
Solid design, 270 grams
Kellner’s are particularly suited for lunar, planetary and deep space images where you need high transmission
They work particularly well on slower, long focal telescopes (f/9+)
Blackened interior
Customer Review 3/8/2020 : “Stuck the 2” 32mm Kellner in in my 2″ diagonal and it was an utter joy to look at the moon. Jupiter and Saturn were clear with the 32mm too (I mean with my 1900mm f/l, I was still at just shy of 60x magnification, not low power at all!). I have read plenty of things online disparaging Kellner’s when compared to Plossls, but the amount of definition I got through that Kellner was unbelievable (particularly on the lunar surface). Guess that what I’ve been reading about online has been sub-par cheaply made Kellner’s. I actually preferred how these three objects looked through the Kellner rather than the three Plossls (32, 26 and 21mms). Wondering what the AFOV on that 2” Kellner you sold me actually is. I think this might actually be my general viewing eyepiece from here on in…  I actually found it more comfortable to look through than the Plossl’s. It was much easier to line up my eyes with the image that was coming through the eyepiece than on an equivalent 1.25” eyepiece. The views through it were amazing (like you described it below, like a star port).
Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 7 cm

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