Affinity Pro Astrophotography Image Processing 2nd Edition- “Guide to” Series by David Eagle



Yep – it’s great for those expanding into Astrophotography – why make it harder than it needs to be?

This new and expanded second edition 100 page guide, takes you through a number of image processing workflows so you can get the best out of your astronomy images using Affinity Photo software.

Dave Eagle, FRAS, astrophotographer, author and astronomy tutor, has been running a number of successful hands-on astronomical imaging workshops and outreach for many years. Following on from this success, he has converted some of the contents of his workshop tutorials into these handy guides.

Serif Affinity Photo has been around for about 5 years now and is a powerful cost-effective alternative to Photoshop. So much so that many professional photographers are switching over to using it.

Written for the Windows Version, but the techniques used are the same in the Mac version. This second edition covers the many Astrophotography Tools included from version

Dave Eagle’s 100 page guide takes you through many image processing workflows so you can get the best out of your pre-stacked astronomy images using Affinity Photo software.

Among the techniques covered within the guide are:

  • Imaging Basics.
  • Using Photoshop plugins.
  • Creating and using Macros.
  • The Curves Tool.
  • The Levels Tool.
  • Colour and saturation management.
  • Managing Layers.
  • Layer Adjustments.
  • Stacking Images.
  • Layer Masking.
  • Multi-Layer Masking.
  • Live Filter Layers.
  • Unsharp Masking.
  • Background and Gradient Removal.
  • Creating RGB. LRGB and Hubble Palette images.
  • Combining colour and monochrome images.
  • Converting image formats.
  • Opening Raw and FITS files.
  • Reducing Stars.

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