Astro Dog’s 1.25″ Advanced Eyepiece Kit – It’s just better!


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A genuinely practical kit:

If you could have whatever you wanted in an eyepiece kit, what would you like to have?  No, it’s not 30 useless items, but 5 exciting, high quality items you will find genuinely useful and practical.  A variety of eyepiece types also helps you get to know the optical characteristics of each type, better informing you of how to expand your kit further.
ADVISE US OF YOU SELECTION AT CHECKOUT, or a generic mix of eyepieces that work well together will be sent.


Kson Light Case for six 1.25″ Eyepieces

Choose from a 4.8 (very powerful), 10.5mm, 16.8 or 24mm (wide view) Classic Abbe Ortho for distortion free, highest contrast planetary views (blackened metal interior, finest optical glass)

Choose from a Kson 7mm, 25mm and 32mm Super Plossl (Outstanding clarity, the 7mm one has won acclaim with the Scenic Rim Astronomy Association when tested)

Choose a 10,15 or 20mm High Transmission Kellner (Superb for seeing faint objects)

Kson UHC Filter – This filter has been reviewed by the SRAA and is truly exceptional.

Get the items you want:

An array of colour filters look impressive but disappoint.  The UHC filter will be meaningful for life

We assume you have a barlow, but if you don’t have one, we’ll include a lovely 2x or 3x Barlow and we’ll swap out another item of your choice if you ask at the time of order.  Let us know what you would like.

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Dimensions28 × 19 × 10 cm

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