Astro Dog’s 1.25″ Advanced Eyepiece Kit – It’s just better!


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If you could have whatever you wanted in an eyepiece kit, what would you like to have?  No, it’s not 30 useless items, but 5 high quality items you will use every time!

Kson Light Case for six 1.25″ Eyepieces
Kson 10.5mm Classic Abbe Ortho for distortion free, highest contrast planetary views
Kson 25mm High Transmission Kellner for Deep Space Objects
Kson 32mm Super Plossl for amazing, wide views!
Kson Genuine O-III Light Pollution Filter! (What other kit gives you an expensive O-III Filter?!)
A 1 Oz Bottle of ROR!

We don’t include useless items, so you get what you really need!

•No colour filter kits or “moon filters” which you probably won’t use and can pick up cheap anywhere!
•No Barlow*, which you likely already have!  (If you don’t, we’ll add one for $15!)
•No 20mm eyepieces!
•The best of each type of eyepiece, so you can explore each type and decide what to get next!

More Information on each item:

Kson Light Eyepiece Case

Protect your eyepieces without taking a heavy Aluminium Case with you! – Just want to grab a few eyepieces and go without the wheelbarrow? This light case with pre-cut foam slots is easy to use, light weight and is configured in seconds.

•Genuine Kson Quality Product
•Measures 18cm by 13cm by 9cm (height)
•Just 200 grams!
•6 Precut foam slots for your convenience

Kson 10.5mm Classic Abbe Ortho

Detailed Specifications:
•46 Degree Apparent AFOV
•ER 9E
•Field Stop 8.4E
•4/2 Design Elements/Grp
•Coatings: FMC
•1.25″ Barrel

•Superb High-contrast Planetary Eyepieces
•Amazing Lack of Distortion
•Consistent, Solid Performers
•Solid design
•They work with all telescopes, but do particularly well with slower (f/7+) telescopes
•Includes quality hard plastic screw cases (simply twist and unlock), plus box.
•Soft rubber eyecup for pleasant viewing comfort
•These eyepieces are Fully-Multi-Coated, and have a blackened interior.

Kson 25mm Kellner

Particularly suited for lunar, planetary and deep space (DSO) images where you need high visual transmission

•This is a quality 25mm Kellner Medium Magnification/Power Eyepiece
•Includes quality hard plastic screw cases (simply twist and unlock)
•Solid design
•They work particularly well on slower, long focal telescopes (f/9+)
•Often used for Bino-Viewing
•Blackened interior

Kson 32mm Super Plossl

•Kson 1.25″ Plossl Eyepiece
•32mm, low power eyepiece
•Includes a quality hard plastic screw case (simply twist and unlock)
•Plossl’s are excellent for all viewing tasks, but especially planetary
•Solid, well performing Kson design
•Soft rubber eyecup for pleasant viewing comfort
•Wider field compared to Ortho’s, Plossl’s work better with faster (f/6) telescopes
•These eyepieces are not just coated, but Fully-Multi-Coated, and have a blackened interior.

Kson Genuine O-III (Oxygen III) Light Pollution Filter

This filter is extremely versatile and can be used to cut out large amounts of light pollution and improve visibility!

1 Oz Bottle of ROR

•ROR is not an optical surface cleaner in the usual sense. It takes a big step beyond routine cleaning. ROR is specifically designed to emulsify and remove microscopic oil residues- a by product of environmental pollution- from the surface and pores of glass and acrylic.
•When you clean an optical surface with ROR you will observe a measurable difference in brightness and clarity. For the first time, you will experience pollution free, unimpeded vision. Because ROR removes microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to adhere to allowing the surface to remain cleaner longer.
•ROR is safe and versatile for all delicate surfaces. It has been tested and used on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts and has proven time and again to be the finest and safest optical cleaning treatment on the market today.
•Invented 25 years ago with professional and amateur photographers in mind, ROR is used today by the military, NASA, astronomers, scientists, hospitals, laboratories and universities.
•Protect your investment through regular ROR cleaning and maintenance and your equipment will endure and perform excellently for years to come.
•Astro Dog is an Australian Authorised Distributor for ROR – no other eyepiece kit we know of includes it.  100% Genuine Product.

*Your Barlow, if you have one, will double the magnification of all these eyepieces (You will get a “5.2mm” Ortho, a 12.5mm Kellner, a 16mm Super Plossl with good eye relief by using your 2x Barlow – The kit was designed for this addition later).

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 10 cm

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