670nm Red Light PRO Astronomy Headlight / Head Torch / Headlamp with Batteries Included for Nightvision


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Welcome to the PRO version of our Best Selling Astronomy Product – You’ll love it.  All the features of our original, plus a longer strap, a deeper red 670nm light, and it’s 10% dimmer for even less interference with your night vision!

The Pro Astronomy Headlamp:

  • It’s the best red LED headlamp – Typical problems with other headlamps were flimsy construction, dim white LED lights inadequate for finding things in the dark, the Red LED being too bright, being forced to “cycle” from white to red (forcing white light), to flashing which is a nightmare when your trying to keep your hard fought for night vision to catch DSO’s.  Other problems were heavy headlamps, the lack of proper adjustment angles once on your head to get the light where you want it as well as bright red ‘spots’ due to lens design.  This one?  None of those problems!


  • Genuine ASTRO DOG PRO Red and White Emitting Light Headlamp
  • Special, rare 670nm, deep red light emission for improved night-vision
  • 10% dimmer than the original
  • The Pro is additionally a longer strap – meaning it can be worn by us Aussies with bigger heads!  (It can be tightened up of course!)
  • SEPARATE, logical BUTTONS FOR WHITE AND RED (“Right is WHITE“) (no unwelcome colour cycling, or flashing modes)
  • Easily adjustable it to the angle you need.  The angle adjustment is with a manual notch system – not screws/friction which lags/flops over time.
  • 25% lighter than the Mk I and competitor lamps.  Strong yet lightweight (less than 60 grams with batteries) so that it stays comfortable for long periods
  • 12% wider headstrap than the Mk I and competitor lamps – 25mm!  Much more comfortable to wear.
  • Superior COB (“Chip on board”) technology – Improved lumen density, allowing a stronger white light to be installed and using substantially less energy than our Mk I and competitor lamps while keeping light output constant.  Simply put – this unit is brighter when you need it, consumes less power and outputs a higher quality beam of light than other models. To see the quality of the light dispersion, note the picture comparing the Astro Dog Headlamp to a competitors lamp.  Which do you prefer?
  • Uses just two standard AAA Batteries.  1.2v rechargeable battery compatible (for a slightly dimmer red light too!)
  • Simple battery replacement system.  Gently apply gentle pressure to open and slowly lift the lock tab with a fingernail (or coin) until it opens.  Replace, then then click shut.
  • We include 2 x 1.5v AAA quality DURACELL batteries (valued at $5.99, depending on availability)
  • Quality Control Processes – Every headlamp is tested and checked, and batteries are inserted on the day it’s shipped.

What’s unique about your order:

  • We ship from Brisbane – Not China
  • We are the only ones who provide detailed instructions on its usage and provide additional nightvision information along with your order.
  • We securely pack it – you will not get this item delivered in a flimsy post bag like our competitors.  It’s delivered in a sturdy box and is also bubble wrapped.
  • This headlamp is especially custom manufactured for Astro Dog according to our strict design specifications – Other headlamps that LOOK similar or like this one are NOT identical – even those that use the same mould and look the same.  This model has two weak, red .5w LED especially for preserving night vision, and and much stronger white 3w LED’s for setting up / packing up finding things in the dark and many carefully thought out tweaks.

 What our customers say about our headlamps:

  • “What a difference in design – well done – Everything is Better!!”
  • “Pleasure works great nice and bright”
  • Fantastic Product.  Definitely recommend.
  • “Great product”
  • Good solid quality and works well
  • “Excellent head lamp for keeping your night vision”

Note – the pro is distinguished physically by the RED buttons.  Pictures may show the original blue version.  Reminder that the Pro is slightly dimmer for improved night vision eye performance.

Weight.06 kg
Dimensions15 × 13 × 10 cm

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