Baader Optical Wonder Set (Cleaning Fluid and Cloth)


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Baader Optical Wonder Set including Cleaning Fluid, Cloth, Presentation Box and Instructions.

Baader Planetarium’s Optical Wonder Fluid is our finest lens cleaner. It is especially good at removing fatty contaminants from fingerprints, eyelashes and most pollens.

It also removes bacteria and fungi that can harm optical coatings and prevents their return.

The Baader micro-fibre cleaning cloth is made from a finer grade of micro-fibre than most lens cloths sold at camera shops or opticians.

Available separately, but when used together, the fluid and cloth are safe, effective cleaning products.

Note: Baader Optical Wonder is primarily a lens cleaner; it is not suitable for cleaning Newtonian mirrors.


  • Consists of 100ml Optical Wonder™ Cleaning Fluid and Cloth
  • Works on all sensitive optical surfaces
  • Dislodges dirt and aggressive aetheric oils from pollen and fat – dries without leaving residue or smears
  • cleans without scratching: eyepieces, objective lenses – even mirrors (please see separate instructions)

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 cm


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