Baader Planetarium 2″ Polarising Filter #2408342


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Baader Polarising Filter

Precision Grade – For solar work, use only with prefilter

  • Baader 2″ Polarizing Filter (1 piece)
  • For stepless brightness-controll in combination with another single polarizing filter or a Herschel WedgePerfect for observing moon or planets, or for solar observations with AstroSolar Safety Film ND 5.0. You can change the brightnes if you rotate two single polarizing filters against each other, to adjust the brightness according to your magnification. You can e.g. mount one 1,25″ filter in the eyepiece and a 2″ filter in the reducer piece from 2″ to 1.25
  • For solar observation in behind a Baader Herschel Wedge. The Herschel wedge already polarizes the light, so that one single polarizing filter is sufficient.
  • Please note: Polarizing filters (and all other eyepiece filters) may never be used without an appropriate solar filter (Astrosolar front filter, Herschel Wedge).
  • Enhances contrast during planetary observation.
  • You need two polarizing filters to adjust the brightness. Alternatively, you can also use the the double polarizing filter #2408340 (1,25″) or #2408344 (2″), where two filters can be rotated in the filter cell. Polarizing filters offer the highest flexibility; if you are looking for superior image quality, you should use regular Neutral Density Filter, where there are less glass surfaces in the light path.

“As with Baader products in general, this is highest quality. I obtained it to optimize the split of Sirius and visualize the white dwarf companion; a German reference had recommended a neutral density filter to reduce the primary’s glare, but that made the comes disappear. This single polarization filter, however, does the work just right – cuts dRead more about review stating To split Siriusown Sirius’s overpowering light but does not erase the faint little Pup.”  Texas

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