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Package A – Complete Kson Telescope Package


Discontinued Product

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Kson Package A – Complete Telescope Package

These packages have been designed to just work really well.  This is a decent ‘scope, period.  We match a good refractor with an easy to use mount, a good set of eyepieces and exactly what you need to get started.  Check the review here.

The Telescope – Kson’s Short Tube F/5 focal ratio, easy to use, light weight and simple to take along anywhere.  No collimation required.  See this video as we compare the Kson 80mm with the Saxon 80mm.

The Mount – Kson’s superb new KM2 Mount.  This steel (not aluminium!) mount rotates smoothly, and will provide steady views.  It includes a counterweight system which is normally only included in far more expensive mounts, and means that if you want to, you can put on other, heavier telescopes as you build more interest in Astronomy.  The saddle system (which allows you to attach telescope tubes) is industry standard vixen size, is a dual saddle and will firmly hold your scope.  The slow motion controls allow very small movements to track objects.

The Accessories – 1.25″ 45 degree Diagonal (optional 45 degree – ask), two suitable eyepieces.  Optional 6×30 Finder, or Optional Quikfinder.

How it’s shipped  – Box 1 – Refractor with Vixen Plate, Box 2 – Mount and Accessories

What else should I get?

We recommend:

Get the “Backyard Astronomers Guide” it’s just so, so useful.

Get an Astronomy Headlamp (they are nothing like the ones in the shops – these are extra dim red lights to preserve night vision when changing eyepieces or reading charts and have separate red and white controls so your not blinded by white light) or Night Reader Pro (clips onto key ring – terribly useful).

Other good items : a 495nm filter (sharpens the views and improve contrast at the cost of a yellow tint), a wide view 40mm eyepiece (to see more of the sky at once), a light eyepiece case, and a Planisphere if your not using something like “Sky Guide” (iOS) on your phone.  Maybe some Mozzie Repellant.

More Advice

What’s the next one down?
7×50 for a child, or for easy, steady views (x7 Magnification)
10×50 as a good general purpose Astronomy pair (x10 Magnification)
Your after Binoculars!

What’s the next one up?
– Stronger mount with 200mm pier, significantly improved control, as well as a counterweight system for balance.
– 10mm more aperture, and better performance from the eyepieces due the longer focal length.
Your after Package B!

Questions?  Call us on 1300 ASTRODOG or just use the form!

e.g. "Peter"

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 19 × 17 cm


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