Package B – Complete Kson Telescope Package


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Kson Package B – Complete Telescope Package

These packages have been designed to just work really well.  This is a very different scope from Package A however.  This scope has a highe natural magnification, slightly tighter views, but also lets in a lot more light from the sky, resulting in better results when it comes to fainter sky objects (and some of them are very interesting!).  As usual, we have match a solid refractor with an remarkable light mount, the KM2, along with an upgraded set of eyepieces and exactly what you need to get started.

The Telescope – Kson’s 80mm f/11 focal ratio, easy to use, light weight and simple to take along anywhere.  No collimation required.

The Mount – Kson’s KM2 Mount – The KM2 is a terrific mount, introduced in 2023, along with the venerable and time tested KT-7 steel base that has a lot in common with the much more expensive AZ4.  It has the same nylon/fibreglass head unit, a 200mm pier, which is so much better when your tall, have a long focal length telescope (like this one!) and want to look straight up without it bumping the tripod.  Features a tray to hold your eyepieces, slow motion controls so you can easily track objects across the sky, and sets up in minutes. Once assembled, it can stay assembled if you wish.

The Accessories – 1.25″ 90 degree mirror diagonal, two very good eyepieces (10mm Plossl and a 25mm Kellner) are included.  This package includes the excellent 6×30 finder as standard, unlike with Package A.  Optional Case.

How it’s shipped  – Box 1 – Refractor with Vixen Plate, Box 2 – Mount and Accessories

What else should I get?

We recommend:

Get the “Backyard Astronomers Guide” it’s just so, so useful.

Get an Astronomy Headlamp (they are nothing like the ones in the shops – these are extra dim red lights to preserve night vision when changing eyepieces or reading charts and have separate red and white controls so your not blinded by white light) or Night Reader Pro (clips onto key ring – terribly useful).

Other good items : A wide view 40mm eyepiece (to see more of the sky at once), a light eyepiece case, and a Planisphere if your not using something like “Sky Guide” (iOS) on your phone.  Maybe some Mozzie Repellant.  A 495nm filter (sharpens the views and improve contrast at the cost of a yellow tint) is less useful for this telescope and is not really needed.

More Advice

What’s the next one down?
– Same aperture, but the mount is not as good as this one, shorter tube, but includes case
Your after Package A!

What’s the next one up?
– Prefer to upgrade to heavier load bearing AZ4 mount, includes case?  Tougher telescope?
– Would you like some rings to improve load balancing and give an even smoother movement?
Your after Package C!

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