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Package C – Complete Kson Telescope Package


Discontinued Product

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Kson Package C – Complete Telescope Package

These packages have been designed to just work really well.  This is similar to Package however this package gives you wider views again, is the first package to feature a truly professional mount, the AZ4 (which is almost as expensive as this whole package by itself – great deal).  Not only does it really provide a rock solid platform now, but allows a shrewd user to buy a heavier telescope on it’s own and use the same mount.  Clever!

The Telescope – Kson’s 90mm f/6.6 focal ratio, easy to use, light weight and simple to take along anywhere.  No collimation required.  The black textured finish is deliciously tactile.  This package includes the single speed focuser version.

The Mount – Kson’s second generation AZ4 mount, introduced in 2023 is based on research and feedback from right here in Australia.  It’s designed for Australian conditions with a incredibly tough nylon/fibreglass head unit and features a proper counterweight system.  It is as simple to use as you would expect, simply move it up or down, left or right.  No need to know about “equatorial’ stuff, or care about where the “Southern Celestial Pole” might be.  Just point it and what you want to look at.  Unlike any other mount we know, it takes seconds to set up and fold up.  It has plenty of thoughtful features such as extra long slow motion controls that are NOT made of plastic, and feature extremely useful “use in the dark” functions so you can focus on enjoying yourself not finding the slow motion controls!  Of course, once assembled, it can stay assembled if you wish.

The Accessories – 1.25″ 90 degree mirror diagonal, two very good eyepieces (10mm Plossl and a 25mm Kellner) are included.  Optional 6×30 Finder, or Optional Quikfinder.

How it’s shipped  – Box 1 – Mount Head, Box 2 – Tripod, Box 3 – Counterweights, Box 4, Refractor.

What else should I get?

We recommend:

Get the “Backyard Astronomers Guide” it’s just so, so useful.

Get an Astronomy Headlamp (they are nothing like the ones in the shops – these are extra dim red lights to preserve night vision when changing eyepieces or reading charts and have separate red and white controls so your not blinded by white light) or Night Reader Pro (clips onto key ring – terribly useful).

Other good items : a 495nm filter (sharpens the views and improve contrast at the cost of a yellow tint), a wide view 40mm eyepiece (to see more of the sky at once), a light eyepiece case, and a Planisphere if your not using something like “Sky Guide” (iOS) on your phone.  Maybe some Mozzie Repellant.

Optional Fine Focuser version of this package available for an extra $100.

More Advice

What’s the next one down?
– Longer focal length, but no rings
– Mount not as good as this one (which can bear loads of up to 9kg)
Your after Package B!

What’s the next one up?
– Move to the 100mm aperture league, with terrific light gathering capabilities, and a complete choice of focal lengths.
– You may select the Kson EQ4 Mount
Your after Package D!

Questions?  Call us on 1300 ASTRODOG or just use the form!

e.g. "Peter"

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 93 × 45 × 21 cm


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