David Chandler Night Reader Pro LED Torch for Astronomy

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Simple and effective – As much red light as you need – at the push of a button!

The most useful red light torch ever!

  • This has been designed from the ground up as a fine LED Astronomy Torch, it uses advanced programming to provide several features while only using a single button!

Instant Full Power On/Off

  • Simply Press and release the button for instant on or full power.  Press again to turn it off again.

Adjustable Brightness:

  • From off – press and hold until the desiired brightness is reached.  It starts at the lowest setting, so you won’t be ‘blinded’ or have your darkvision affected.  The light will blink when it has reached the highest setting

  • From full brightness – Press and hold until the desired brightness is reached.  The light will blink when it has reached the lowest setting.

  • You can continue to ramp up or down from any brightness setting, not just from on or off.  To exit this mode, just turn it off.

Three minute timer mode:

  • The three Minute Timer mode automatically shuts the light Off after three minutes. While in this mode you have full access to the full range brightness control, the three strobe beacons and automatic SOS all of which will shut off after three minutes. This mode is great because it allows you to use the lights full functionality and is a guarantee against inadvertent battery drain. 

    To access this mode press the button rapidly four times or until the light only stays on when pressed. Next press and hold the button, the light will turn itself Off, continue to hold the button for another five seconds, the light will blink once to let you know you are now in Three Minute Timer mode.

    To exit this mode press the button rapidly four times or until the light stays on only when pressed. Next hold the button for four seconds or until the light shuts off. And you have exited the Three Minute Timer mode!

Strobe Beacons:

  • Beacon mode gives you Slow Medium or Fast Strobe and an automatic SOS signal mode. Great for use as emergency warning lights, trail markers, or to attract attention in any situation. 

    To Access from either Off or On
    Simply press and hold. The light will ramp up or down in brightness then blink once. Continue holding the button down after the single blink. You have reached Slow strobe, continue holding to reach Medium and Fast strobe, continue holding to reach the SOS signal mode.  Release the button when the desired beacon mode is reached.  In SOS signal mode the light will flash the letters S-O-S in Morse Code.

    To exit any of these modes, simply turn the light off.

Signal / Momentary Mode:

  • Momentary mode changes your light from constant On to squeeze On/Off. When this mode is activated the light will not stay on unless the button is pushed and held. This is very useful when carrying your light on your keys or in a bag. It also allows you to use the light as a signaling device. 

    To access this mode press the button rapidly 4 times, or until it the light stays on only when pressed.

    To exit this mode, simply press and hold the button until the light turns off (about 4 seconds).

What customers say about these headlamps:

  • A small torch and wasn’t expecting much, but I was mistaken. A really bright beam that illuminated my equipment boxes and it can also be dimmed to a required level. Top piece of kit for any astronomer. – Ian

  • It is smaller than expected, but the light given off is more than expected. A nice red light for reading and doing other things and not losing your night sight. – Anthony

  • I’d read all the reviews I could find on red astro torches and was surprised to see so many negative points about most of the commonly available ones.
    When I saw the description of the David Chandler Night Reader it sounded OK, but it looked too small and “toyish” compared to the others, and with slightly more involved operating instructions.
    I took the plunge however, and ordered one.
    I’m pleased to say that it works perfectly, and the single button operation is quite intuitive to use.
    One immediately gets used to the instant full on/off and the gradual dim to on/off.
    It weighs nothing around one’s neck and is perfect for the job.  – Paul

 What’s included:

  • 1 x Night Reader Pro Astronomer’s RED 630nm LED Flashlight”

  • 1 x CR2032 Battery included (installed)

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm

1 review for David Chandler Night Reader Pro LED Torch for Astronomy

  1. Constance (verified owner)

    They are great for when you are doing astronomy. The light isn’t interfering with night vision. Great to have with your keys. Have these on multiple keyrings which let you see the key you want without impeding your night vision.

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