Demystifying Visual Astronomy Book by Kevin Quinn


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Demystifying Visual Astronomy Book by Kevin Quinn
(102 Pages. Paperback)

Read this book before you even think about buying a telescope or binoculars or accessories for visual astronomy … It will help you make informed choices. Based on the author’s own experience, lessons learned and mistakes made, this book introduces you to all the basic terms, discusses equipment and accessories, and will help you make the right choices for you, avoid disappointment, and get started in this wonderful hobby.
If you or someone you know is interested in getting in to stargazing, this is an ideal first step,

Table of contents

Foreword & Acknowledgements Introduction
First light, and what to observe
Troubleshooting and maintenance
What next?

Born in Northern Ireland in the (cough) early 60s, Kevin Quinn was fascinated by all things space from an early age. Although inspired by the Apollo moon landings, and a regular viewer of the BBC’s Sky at Night television programme, it was only in his mid-thirties that he got his first telescope (cheap and very wobbly), and a pair of (charity shop/thrift store) binoculars.

Put off and disappointed by the poor quality views with this first equipment a long hiatus followed, before he finally invested in some decent equipment, and since doing so, he hasn’t looked back.

About Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn has been staring into space for as long as he can remember, and has actually been using binoculars and telescopes for over 20 years. An avid stargazer, Kevin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2020, but continues to attend star parties, host public stargazing events, and generally tries to get out under the stars as often as possible.

He blogs regularly, and writes about astronomy for local magazines, hosts public stargazing sessions, and has helped countless Cubs and Scouts attain their Astronomy badges.

He lives in the Dorset village of Piddletrenthide with his wife, Julia, and has three children.

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