HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro v4 with USB HUB Interface

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Introducing Mount Hub Pro V4.

HitecAstro have retained all the features our customers have come to expect from the Mount Hub Pro and introduced plenty of useful new features too.

  • All new aluminium housing is now far more robust and compact
  • 6 port integrated USB2.0 hub.
  • 4 PC Controllable power outputs.  These can now be preprogrammed to automatically turn on (or off) when the device is first powered so you can retain the “always on” functionality which many of our users enjoy.  Of course all ports can be toggled on and off via software.
  • 3 controllable dew ports. 2 of which can be used to control an electroluminescence (EL) panel without flickering
  • Voltage monitor which displays the loaded voltage.  This is the voltage which the device is operating at.  A heavy load of devices will cause the voltage to drop on your power supply.  You can now see this visually in our software.
  • All power and dew ports now have a current monitor which measures (in amps) how much power each of your devices is consuming.  There is also separate monitoring of the USB current being consumed.
  • All power ports have individually selectable software fuses which will turn a device off if it consumes more than a preset limit.  This would be useful for example if your mount snagged and the motors started to strain.  It may help avoid damage to your equipment.  (note:  this feature is designed to help safeguard your equipment, however we cannot take responsibility for the use of this feature.
  • Choice to use Stepper or DC focus motor (we still recommend stepper motor for precise focusing) Compatible with any unipolar stepper motor.  Compatible with robofocus, moonlite, lakeside focusers.  Feather touch focusers can be used with a current limiting adaptor.
  • Included temperature probe displays the ambient temperature in software.
  • Temperature compensated focusing enabled on the stepper motor controller.
  • Reverse polarity protection (tested to 100amps)

Whats in the box

  • MHP V4 Unit
  • 4 power cables (1m)
  • Mounting Bracket Set
  • Focus Adaptor (DB9 stepper connection and phono DC connection, suits Meade) (optional cable for stepper extension and skywatcher DC focus motor)
  • Temperature Sensor (1m cable)
  • Main power cable (flexible high quality silicon cable)

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 10 cm

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