Kson 0.965″ Volcano Top Orthoscopic, 4 Element 7.5mm for Classic Telescopes

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7.5mm Kson .965″ Special Edition Volcano Top Ortho’s for Classic Telescopes

What are Abbe Ortho’s?

20 years after Plossl’s were invented, Zeiss optical designer Ernst Abbe invented a new, four element eyepiece with a 42 degree apparent field.  Though they are harder to manufacture than a Plossl, they are far better suited to doing the detailed, high magnification tasks you crave.  They ares also superb at teasing out the fine details other eyepieces just miss.

How good are these Ortho’s exactly?

The Kson Ortho II series are the ‘spiritual successors’ to the original “Volcano Top” Tani Ortho’s – except with modern coatings, and a clean carbon fibre finish.  The “volcano” finish allows easier eye placement.

We suspect you will want to get the whole set.  You can try one for now if you like (available in 4.5, 7.5, 10.5, 16.8 and 24mm versions – all parfocal) and we think you will be back for the lot.  If your feeling as certain as we are that you want the lot, you can also buy the set and save – not that these eyepieces are expensive in the first place!


  • 0.965″ Barrel
  • Multicoatings on all air to glass surfaces (cemented lens surfaces are uncoated), giving them excellent extended light throughput, and even brighter images compared to the originals.
  • Parfocal
  • All lenses are edge-blackened to reduce internal light scatter and reflections
  • Accepts 0.965″ astronomy filters
  • Slightly tapered barrels (no “safety” groove, hooray!)
  • 42 degree field of view, with sharp field stops
  • Perfect for hardcore planetary, lunar, solar and double star viewing

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Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 cm


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