Kson 1.25″ 495nm Yellow Longpass (Chromatic Aberration Killer for Achromat Refractors)



Kson 495nm Longpass Filter

Brilliant Fringe Killer / Semi-APO Alternative

  • Yellow 495nm Longpass filter.
  • Suppresses the secondary blue spectrum when using achromatic and half-apochromatic refractors (increasing image sharpness).
  • For visual and photographic planetary observations.
  • Enhances contrast between the belts on Jupiter.
  • Increases contrast of the lunar and Martian surface.
  • Multi-coated for max contrast, no reflections, scatter or dimming.

We can say a bit more about these filters.  If you have an Achromat, these will significantly help with clarity and fringing as well.  It allows a lot of the light through while still eliminating the purple fringing.  There is also less of a color shift compared with the #12 filter.  It may also darken your suburban sky.

If you want to try a further experiment, try adding one of our Moon and Skyglow filters to it to restore much of the image neutrality.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 cm


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