Kson EQ4 (M) Manual Mount with Double Saddle, Metal Tripod, Counterweights


The Kson EQ4 M with a steel tripod is a sturdy and tough equatorial mount for the professional astronomer who needs a solid work-horse.  Made for Australian conditions, it is light, tough and has support heavier telescopes.

It is a delight to use as a top grade manual visual mount – and is designed to be transported easily – even including a full travel case set!  (Bag included for mount, tripod and counterweights!)


In stock (can be backordered)


Kson’s own Brand New Premium Heavy Duty Manual Mount.

NOTE : Effective September 2023 (and any backorders), you will receive the Mk II version of this mount with some excellent upgrades based on Aussie Feedback – Glow in the dark, extra long metal slow motion controls.  Improved Grip /Strength AZ/Handles.







We love it.  The Kson German Equatorial EQ4 M Mount with Steel Tripod provides precision and stability needed for serious observing and is great for the amateur astronomer who wants to move up to a more stable mount. It is popular with those who have a heavier telescope and need the strength this mount has (for example, larger reflectors) or heavy refractors.


  • Mount weights merely 3.6kg – easy to travel with
  • 110mm Heavy Nylon/35% Fibreglass Dual Saddle – Lightweight, easy to move, but extremely strong (20%+ larger than EQ3)
  • Tubular Steel Tripod Legs, rated to 20kg of weight (3.9kg) with easy to set up ‘drop in’ accessory tray
  • Enlarged Bubble Level (diameter 25mm vs 11mm on EQ3)
  • 20% larger setting Circles vs. Saxon EQ3
  • (M – Medium version) One 3.8kg counterweight and one 2kg counterweight
  • Two slow motion cables with finger tightening thumb screws – Adjustable tension via Hex Screws
  • Extremely tough lower mount base – Die cast steel base (developed and used by Kson for over 20 years!), with upper mount made of incredibly tough nylon and 35% fibre glass
  • Made for Australian Conditions – Tough and Durable
  • Travel Case Set Now Included – Yes, that means you get a travel case for the (1) mount, (2) tripod and (3) the counterweights, worth $150+ included.

Note the video above shows the older version, which did not include some of the new features of this one (shown in the pictures)

This EQ4 mount includes a dual saddle as standard, built-in holder for polar scope, a latitude adjuster with micrometer scale, an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster, aluminium setting circles, manual slow-motion tracking controls, enlarged bubble level and steel tubular tripod legs.

Metal Legs, and a tripod tray that you simply drop in and tighten.  Very easy to set up.

The equivalent in EQ Mounts would be the Saxon EQ5 Heavy Manual Mount however it is a single saddle unit.


The little beast is still heavy, but we have managed to prevent us needing to ship it with courier and allow Australia Post (Budget) shipping for about $80.  The the shipping calculation isn’t right on checkout, we will process an adjustment post order for you, or you can contact us beforehand and place a phone order for the right amount.

Box 1 – Mount – 32x27x17cm (contains mount unit) 4.5kg

Box 2 – Tripod – 78x21x21cm (contains tripod, handy bag for tripod and mount) 4.5kg

Box 3 – Counterweight Box – 28x18x10cm (contains manual, counterweights, counterweight handybag) 6.5kg

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 104 × 45 × 26 cm

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