Kson Tracking Mount with slow motion controls


Wow – You get WHAT for the price?!

Detailed Specifications:

AZ2 Tracker Mount (Holds the Telescope and allows you to rotate your view to see different targets)

  • “Grab and Go” Set up in minutes – not complicated
  • Easily attach the telescope, and rotate it up and down, left and right.
  • Need to make micro-adjustments?  Attach the included slow motion controllers!
  • Tough, but light metal frame, with a tray that holds your eyepieces and adds further stability to the tripod for steady viewing
  • Extendable tripod so you can adjust it to your preferred height as required
  • Suitable for light telescopes

How does it work?  

  • The KSON improved Alt-Azimuth TRACKER mount – has a modern, clever design and operates intuitively.
  • The Tracker mount features simultaneous slow motion altitude and azimuth adjustments enabling precision micro vertical and horizontal manual tracking and rests on top of KSON sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod.
  • The mount is equipped with a built-in level bubble.
  • Flexible handle micromovements allow you to move the tube evenly and smoothly as possible (it is valuable not only in search of objects, but also for tracking celestial bodies).
  • Reinforced metal tripod ensures a stable position of the telescope and confident damping vibrations, so that when you move the optical tube assembly, any movement is minimised.
  • The tripod also features an accessory tray with slots to place 4 1.25″eyepieces or lenses and retractable rubber feet.  The track is easy to ‘drop in’ and is tightened with thumb screws.  Very easy to do.


Have a look at the official walkthrough on this scope which features the tracker unit.

Is postage included? 

YES!  Postage is included to major cities, but country or remote areas may incur additional costs.  Please check with us if you live country, otherwise, we may send you a minor postage adjustment.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions80 × 20 × 20 cm