Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Complete Starter Pack (Includes Equipment kit, Fluids kit and two Disposables kits) 68 Items, plus an ebook! (PREORDER)


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Available June – Preorder Now to get a bonus disposable kit! (3 Total) FREE!  (Preorders close end of May)

Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Complete Starter Pack (Includes Equipment kit, Fluids kit and two Disposables kits)

This provides everything you need for cleaning fine optics.

This 88 piece kit contains:

Equipment Kit (5 Items)

  • A Triplet Inspection Loupe (20x) – The 20x Triplet Loupe is a high quality jewellers loupe which can be effectively be used to examine imperfections in optics requiring cleaning.
  • A Large, High Quality Rubber “Rocket” Blower – The Rocket Blower provides safe, strong blasts of air without the risk of propellant spitting onto a sensitive optic
  • Small Micro Blower and Brush Attachment – The Microblower and brush is suitable for use in the final phase of cleaning if desired, or as a quick clean after each observing session
  • Plastic Forceps/Tweezers Tool – The plastic forceps are used to hold cleaning materials, or to clean otherwise difficult to reach spaces
  • Large Dust Brush – The Large dust brush is useful for early, pre solvent cleaning and removes grit and heavier particles from the optic surface to prevent scratching the optic lens

Fluids Kit (3 Items)

  • 1 Oz Ultra Pure Distilled Water – Other brand distilled waters are between 1-4 total dissolved solids parts (impurities) per million, this distilled water is less than one TDS.
  • 1 Oz Technical Grade (99.997% purity) Isopropyl Alcohol – The most useful solvent for most eyepiece cleaning – Optical Grade Alcohol, creates a perfectly dry and residue free surface.
  • 1 Oz ROR – Residual Oil Remover.  Superb cleaner.  There is no better cleaner, period.

2 x Disposables Kits (60 Items)

  • A disposable facemask – Often overlooked, this prevents spittle from contaminating your optical surface.  One size fits all.  Three layer folding mask to form a 360 degree 3D breathing space.  It includes an invisible plastic nose strip and built in anti-fog features.  Includes an adjustable cartilage bridge to for a comfortable and ergonomic fit.  It has high, flat, elastic ear hooks for lower pressure on the ears.
  • Ten finger cots – Though these require some practice to use, once you have used them, you won’t want to do it any other way.  Superior agility and sensitivity, and they less likely to cause your fingers to sweat.  One size fits most.
  • A cleanroom Anti-Static Wipe – This can be used to clean the outer surface of the optic.
  • Three Foam tipped cleaning swabs – These cleanroom foam tipped swabs offer premium solvent application and removal.  Enough to make a difference where you need it, without being wasteful.
  • Five Dual pure cotton tips (tipped/flat).  These buds are fairly tightly rolled and are smooth, flat and rounded on one end, and slightly pointed on the other and is ideal at specific stages during the cleaning process.
  • Ten Pure cotton buds – These double tipped buds have a looser roll, are very absorbent and ideal for the early stages of solvent application and contaminant removal.

And a free ebook to get you started, valued at $12.99!

Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Cleaning Optical Eyepieces – A Short Guide (1 downloadable ebook)

How do you clean optics?  ”Water, spit, and whiskey” – so goes the claim of one ‘savvy’ internet user.  “Acetone, water, spit, ethanol, 2-propanol, methanol, Windex, almost anything else you can think of – fine. All fine” reassures another.
“Windex, original formula w/ ammonia D is okay, filter it through a coffee filter” says yet another, while on a different site – “The filtration process will likely introduce more contaminants and particulates than remove them”.

No wonder everyone’s confused!

This practical, easy to grasp, 32 page ebook demystifies the cleaning process and untangles the complicated web of information surrounding how to clean optical eye pieces and lenses.  Featuring advice from experts who work for Takahashi, Celestron, Astro Physics, Zeiss as well as experienced optical technicians, it’s your guide to the most accepted solvents, equipment and methods so you can clean your eyepieces and lenses with confidence. 

“Cleaning Optical Eyepieces – A Short Guide” is quick paced and easy to read while being detailed enough to give you all your ever likely to need to know.  It does not assume you know anything about optical cleaning, and explains unfamilar terms.  It includes a glossary, a list of references so you can do further reading and an index so you can easily find what you need to know about quickly, as well as a no nonsense cleaning method to get you started.

The first section “hands on” will give straight forward advice on overall best practice approaches to cleaning  expert and manufacturer recommended best practice approaches to cleaning, and discusses both what should be used, and how to do it.
The second section is an index of common cleaning chemicals and solvents used in cleaning.
The third section looks at cleaning equipment and tools, including disposables.
The fourth section is an index of common cleaning methods.
Together, this will familiarize you with proper cleaning equipment, solvents and disposables used and well as the basic methods of using them to keep your eyepieces in top condition.

Unlimited, re-downloads so you won’t ever lose access (requires an active account, here on Astro Dog).  Download’s don’t expire.

Why Order the Starter Kit?

The best kit to get serious about cleaning your optics.  You will have the equipment, the fluids to do the job, as well as the disposables, and the booklet will have you cleaning professionally in no time.  When you run out of ingredients or bits and pieces, you just get what you need – no further purchase of the starter pack will ever be required!

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