Saxon 1026 AZ3 Complete Telescope Package 102mm 660mm f/6.5 with AZ3 Steel Tripod

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saxon 1026AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope with Steel Tripod

For observations of both land and sky, you can count on the saxon 102/660 AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope with Steel Tripod to do the job.

This short-tube telescope comes with 102mm multi-coated achromatic objective lens and a focal length of 660mm. You’ll get a host of accessories to complement your viewing session – quality eyepieces, a red-dot finderscope and an erecting prism for terrestrial viewing. The scope also comes with a sturdy Alt-Azimuth mount with steel tripod which you can manoeuvre up and down and left to right.

No heavy lifting required in transporting the saxon 1026AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope with Steel Tripod around – the full assembly weighs just over 5 kg!

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Saxon 1026AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope

The Saxon 1026AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope that comes with steel tripod is an ideal choice of telescope for both land and sky observing.  The 1026AZ3 features an aperture of 102mm and focal length of 660mm which provides sharp, clear images without the need to constantly adjust your scope. When you do need to adjust it, you just move it up and down, left and right thanks to the simple AZ3 mount.

The large 102mm aperture is what this Telescope is all about – it allows in large amounts of light brightening the image significantly which is especially important at higher magnifications.  The telescope is relatively light weight.  You’ll get a host of accessories to complement your viewing session – 3 quality eyepieces, a red-dot finderscope and an erecting prism for terrestrial viewing. Also The comes with a sturdy Alt-Azimuth mount with steel not aluminum tripod. It is a great telescope for both terrestrial use and beginners’ astronomy.  Newer astrophotographers will appreciate the scope’s short focal length which aids in capturing images of deep sky objects.


  • 102mm multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  • 660mm focal length
  • 3 eyepieces included
  • Red-dot finderscope
  • 1.25″ 2x short-focus barlow lens
  • 90 degree erecting prism
  • Alt-Azimuth AZ3 mount
  • Steel tripod with accessory tray
  • Photography is possible via an optional T-2 adapter ring


Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Aperture 102mm
Highest Practical Power 204x
Focal Length 660mm
Focal Ratio F/6.47
Eyepieces 26mm, 9mm and 6.3mm
Finderscope Red Dot
Barlow Lens 2x
Diagonal 1.25″ 90° Erect Image Diagonal
Mount Type Alt-Azimuth
Tripod Steel
Shipping Dimensions 92 x 38 x 23cm3
Shipping Weight 9kg

This product has been reviewed many times

I love my Saxon 1026AZ3 Refractor.  This telescope is really nice for the price. Smooth and works well. The moon looks amazing with the supplied eyepieces. I also caught a very clear view of Saturn, rings and all. It was incredible!” – Starkid

Outstanding value for money – This is possibly the best value for money refractor around. I was looking for an easy to handle scope to complement my bulky Saxon dobsonian.  It comes with a good selection of budget eyepieces and a barlow. Although I prefer the eyepieces that came with the dob, I cannot ignore the outstanding value that the Saxon Pioneer 1026AZ3 SC offers.  Going to be using it to view the moon and the planets. I especially like that it is easily portable and very suitable for a “quick look”, whenever the Melbourne weather isn’t too cloudy.” – Frank

What’s in the Box

- saxon 26mm / 9mm / 6.3mm Eyepiece

Featuring a 3-element design, these fully-coated eyepieces provide outstanding field correction and long eye-relief. Compatible for use on all types of telescopes.

- saxon Red-dot Finderscope with bracket

It is a zero magnification pointing tool that uses a coated glass window to superimpose the image of a small red dot onto the night sky, showing where the telescope is pointed.

- saxon 1.25’’ Erect Image Diagonal (90 degree)

It can give you a comfortable viewing angle and an upright, non-mirrored image when you need your telescope is a horizontal position.

- saxon 1.25″ 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens

It can double the magnification your telescope at an affordable price.The budget friendly option for those looking to get closer views of the sky. It fits any 1.25″ telescope eyepieces.

- saxon AZ3 Mount with Steel Tripod

It is a steel tripod with dual axis slow-motion controls

- Star/ Moon Chart

The star chart shows the solar system of which earth is a member planet and the moon chart clearly shows the topography of the lunar surface.

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Weight 9.1 kg
Dimensions 93 × 40 × 25 cm