Saxon Complete Telescope Package 80mm 400mm f/5 with AZ3 Tripod


The Saxon EQ3 (aka “CG4”) Mount with Steel Tripod is a heavy-duty tripod suited for celestial observation and star tracking. It can carry a larger, intermediate level telescope, especially due to the improved tripod. The EQ3 mount features worm gear tracking controls that allows a full 360° manipulation of both the RA and DEC axes. The EQ3 mount has a dual metal setting circle dials, a latitude adjustment screw and bubble leveling for quick target acquisition and precise polar alignment. The EQ3 Mount can be further equipped with both single and double axis motor drives (not included) for auto-tracking functions. You can add a tracking motor for a great visual tracking solution.

Saxon 804AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope

The Saxon 804AZ3 SC Refractor Telescope that comes with a tripod is an ideal choice of telescope for both land and sky observing.  The 804AZ3 features an aperture of 80mm and focal length of 400mm which provides sharp, clear images and allows a wide field of view, making it easy to naturally keep your target in the view field. When you do need to adjust it, you just move it up and down, left and right thanks to the simple to operate, light AZ3 mount.

This package comes with excellent eyepieces, and can be used for viewing during the night or day.  The correct image diagonal means that you can use it to observe land objects without them being upside down.  The telescope is light weight and easy to move in or out of doors, which means you will observe more frequently.  You’ll get a host of accessories to complement your viewing session – quality eyepieces, a finderscope and the erecting prism for terrestrial viewing. Also The comes with a aluminium Alt-Azimuth mount. It is a great telescope for both terrestrial use and beginners’ astronomy.

The saxon 804AZ3 Pioneer Refractor Telescope features the following:

  • 80mm multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  • 400mm focal length
  • 1.25″ Super eyepieces
  • 6×30 finderscope
  • Alt-Azimuth AZ3 mount
  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
  • Photography is possible via an optional T-2 adapter ring.


Weight25 kg
Dimensions104 × 45 × 26 cm

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