Stacking Images in Deep Sky Stacker- “Guide to” Series by David Eagle


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Yep – it’s great for those expanding into Astrophotography – why make it harder than it needs to be?

Star-gazing Guide to Stacking Images in Deep Sky Stacker: Deep Sky Objects and Comet Images by Dave Eagle

Dave Eagle, FRAS, astrophotographer, author and astronomy tutor, has been running a number of successful hands-on astronomical imaging workshops and outreach for many years. Following on from this success, he has converted some of the contents of his workshop tutorials into these handy guides.

This 40 page A5 sized guide takes you step-by-step through the technique of stacking deep sky and comet images.

Deep Sky Stacker is freeware that enables you to take a number of astronomical images and add them together, reducing noise and increasing the quality of the final image. But first starting out with the software can at first be quite intimidating.

This guide takes the reader step-by-step through setting up the software, processing images as simply as possible to enable you to stack raw images effectively in Deep Sky Stacker. This beginners guide covers processing of static deep sky objects and well as moving comets, without adding any other distracting complications. Soon you will be well on your way to producing your own stunning photos of astronomical objects, before going onto using more advanced methods.

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