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The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide

We recommend this text outright for anyone – beginner through to advanced.

The touchstone for contemporary stargazers.

This classic, groundbreaking guide has been the go-to field guide for both beginning and experienced amateur astronomers for nearly 30 years. The fourth edition brings Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer’s invaluable manual completely up-to-date. Setting a new standard for astronomy guides, it will serve as the touchstone for the next generation of stargazers as well as longtime devotees.

Technology and astronomical understanding are evolving at a breathtaking clip, and to reflect the latest information about observing techniques and equipment, this massively revised and expanded edition has been completely rebuilt (an additional 48 pages brings the page count to 416). Illustrated throughout with all-new photographs and star charts, this edition boasts a refreshed design and features five brand-new chapters, including three essential essays on binocular, telescope and Moon tours by renowned astronomy writer Ken Hewitt-White.

With new content on naked-eye sky sights, LED lighting technology, WiFi-enabled telescopes and the latest advances in binoculars, telescopes and other astronomical gear, the fourth edition of The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide is sure to become an indispensable reference for all levels of stargazers. New techniques for observing the Sun, the Moon and solar and lunar eclipses are an especially timely addition, given the upcoming solar eclipses in 2023 and 2024. Rounding out these impressive offerings are new sections on dark sky reserves, astro-tourism, modern astrophotography and cellphone astrophotography, making this book an enduring must-have guide for anyone looking to improve his or her astronomical viewing experience.

The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide also features a foreword by Dr. Sara Seager, a Canadian-American astrophysicist and planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an internationally recognized expert in the search for exoplanets.

Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: Fourth Edition, Completely Revised and Expanded
Author Statement: by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer ; Foreword by Dr. Sara Seager, O.C.
Audience: Trade
Specs: color photographs throughout, star charts, resources, index
Pages: 416
Trim Size: 9″ X 11″ X 1″
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20210910
Copyright Year: 2021

EAN: 9780228103271
ISBN: 0228103274

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