TS-Optics 102 mm f/11 ED Refractor with 2.5″ RAP Focuser


The new 102 mm f/11 ED refractor is optimized for the visual observation and photography of sun, moon and planets.

  • Image free from chromatic aberration through 2-element ED lens with additional special glass, comparable to an FPL53 doublet with f/8
  • Adjustable lens mount
  • Improved 2.5″ gear drive RAP focuser with photo thread, 2″ and 1.25″ adaption
  • Retractable dew shieldp for better transport and optimum protection against stray light
  • Deluxe finder holder for the adaptation of finder scopes
  • Binocular approaches can be used without path compensation
  • CNC tube rings and EQ5 style dovetail bar included in scope of delivery
  • With only 4.6 kg the ED is well supported by mounts like the Skywatcher EQ5.

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TS-Optics 102 mm f/11 ED-Doublet Refractor Optical Tube

This telescope is optimized for visual observation and photography of objects within the solar system. The ED is equipped with a high-quality ED objective and improved mechanics. The result of the new development is an image practically free of chromatic aberration and a contrast of moon and planet that sets standards in this telescope class. The 102 f/11 ED is a portable all-round telescope, we recommend the refractor especially for the following areas:

  • With suitable 2″ accessories, you can see a field of view of 2.4° in the sky. Large field observations become possible. But also double stars, compact nebulae and star clusters can be observed well.
  • Photography and observation of solar system objects: The beautiful contrast and the practically non-existing chromatic aberration of the refractor allow detailed images of the moon and planets.
  • Solar observation and solar photography: The contrast performance of the ED objective makes the refractor a good solar telescope for observing and photographing the sun in white light, calcium and H-alpha.
  • Binocular observation: When you remove the rear end of the tube, the working distance increases from 150 mm to 270 mm when the extension tube is retracted. You can also combine binoviewers and a 2″ star diagonal and observe without path compensation.
  • Daytime observation: With an Amici prism you get an upright and non-mirrored image, like through a spotting scope. The image, however, is brighter and more contrasting than with a comparable spotting scope, which costs many times more.

The advantage of a 102 mm f/11 ED refractor:
In direct comparison to an achromatic refractor of similar size, the TS 102ED offers better color fidelity with excellent contrast. 102 mm aperture collect 63% more light than a telescope with 80 mm aperture. This makes the 102ED also an exciting telescope for deep sky observation. The relaxed focal ratio of f/11 and the high-quality 2.5″ RAP focuser allow very accurate focusing. The maximum magnification range of approx. 250x can already be achieved with good inexpensive eyepieces. The 102 mm ED is an exciting alternative for all amateur astronomers who are looking for a flexible and portable telescope for all observation areas of amateur astronomy.


Aperture: 102 mm
Focal length: 1122 mm
Focal ratio: f/11
Objective: Dublet ED objective (FPL51 with additional special glass) in adjustable cell
Resolving power: 1.15″
Limiting magnitude visually: 11m8
Dew shield diameter: 121 mm outside, 110 mm inside
Tube length with retracted dew shield: 1000 mm
Tube diameter: 105 mm
Tube extension: 120 mm long, M85x1 thread
Tube weight: 4.6 kg


Use the TS Optics 102 with your choice of MountFor visual, we recommend a Saxon EQ3 w/Steel Tripod and pier extension (adequate), a Kson EQ4 with a pier extension (very good), or  HEQ5 or EQ6 Pro with relevant Pier if your looking at automating. 

What’s this about being especially suitable for binoviewers?

Binoviewers are remarkable devices that look like a binocular, but attach into your telescope, allowing you to use both eyes (stereo) for viewing.  The TS Optics 102 was designed from the ground up to be highly compatible with binoviewers.  This means that usually, you will NOT need to use an optical corrector, or barlow to make use of them, allowing improved viewing quality, a greater range of compatible eyepieces, and a wider view that would be otherwise possible.  They provide a stunning experience with this particular telescope.

We recommend the Celestron #93691 Stereo Binocular Viewer, coupled with some lightweight eyepieces to get started with binoviewing.

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