TS-Optics Flattener / Field Corrector (TSFLAT72)


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TS-Optics Flattener / Field Corrector for PhotoLine apo refractors with 72 mm aperture
The corrector is especially designed for the compact travel apochromats from Teleskop-Service and produces optimal results with these telescopes. It is even possible to use cameras with full frame size sensors. The corrector is especially suitable for:

♦ TS-Optics SD-Line 72 mm f/6 Apo
♦ TS-Optics PhotoLine 72 mm f/5,5 Apo
♦ TS-Optics ED Refraktor 70 mm f/6
♦ TS-Optics TSCFAPO70 70mm f/6 High-End Apo

Advantages and features:

♦ Connection at telescope side via a male M63x1 thread with 360° rotation.

♦ Inclusive 360° rotation system for focusers with female M63x1 thread.

♦ If the 360° rotator is removed, a M68x1 and M54x0,75 male thread for connecting a telescope is at your disposal

♦ The corrector is especially designed for the compact and fast travel apos with 72 mm aperture and produces optimal results with these telescopes.

♦ M48x0.75 photo connector at the camera side provides 15% better illumination than T2 and allows using full frame size sensors.

♦ Working distance of 55 mm from the M48 thread. With a suitable T adapter, which is linked in the accessories section, you automatically get the correct distance if using a DSLR. If you remove the extension ring, you increase the working distance to 76 mm, so you can adapt any astro camera or accessories.

♦ The corrector is fully multi-coated. Additionally, absolute absence of reflections is achieved by an internal matte-black anti-reflective coating. Thus the image offers very high contrast from which daylight photography (landscape, birds, …) also benefits.

Additional information

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Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 cm


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