SIMPLE – Eight Weeks – Four Equal Payments.

For purchases less than $200 we offer afterpay.  For amounts $200 and over, we offer Lay-by.

You pay for goods in four installments, over 8 weeks.  So, there is the first installment on the day we hold the goods for you, a second payment after two weeks, a third two weeks after that, and the final payment eight weeks after your order.  The item is shipped to you when all installments have been paid.  A termination fee of 10% applies if you cancel the agreement.

When it comes to making payments, you can either manually set up a direct deposit for the four payments yourself via internet banking (we will give you a breakdown of the three amounts and the day they are due in writing so you can schedule the payment), or we can send you a paypal* invoice due on the four dates, whichever is best for you.

A copy of the this lay-by agreement terms will be sent to you on your invoice.

Can I cancel my lay-by?

Yes, you may cancel the lay-by agreement any time before delivery of the goods. If you cancel the lay-by agreement we will refund you all amounts paid less 10% (termination fee).  You will only be charged a termination fee if you cancel the agreement.

* PayPal incurs a 3% Surcharge

How do I checkout?

Select “Direct Deposit” at checkout.  Write “Lay by” into the comment field.  Make sure you include your phone number in the comment field also.  That’s it.  We’ll be in touch to set it up.

* PayPal incurs a 3% Surcharge