Kson A102G 102mm / 700mm f/6.86 Refractor OTA (Standalone)


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Note that this is for the telescope only, not the mount that it is pictured with.  This is a telescope standalone package.

We are excited to introduce the Kson f/6.6 Refractor to Australia – Stunning, crisp heavenly views, simple to operate.

This is a lifetime instrument, not a toy.  Standard cautions including not pointing this at the sun, or leaving uncovered apply.  It does feature lids / caps.

Note that this is for the telescope only, not the mount that it is pictured with.  This is a telescope standalone package.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Refractor Design – Very good optical quality.
  • Achromatic 102mm lens with a 700mm focal length, f/6.86
  • Superior glass – F700x102 air spaced objective lens, with broadband multi-coating. One of the lenses is superior QK3 glass. The lenses on this one are traditionally hand-ground – slow, but high quality.
  • 2″ Crayford Focuser, with 1.25″ Adaptor
  • Retractable Dew Shield
  • Dual Mounted Rings with Vixen Style Plate
  • 1.25″ 20mm Plossl
  • 1.25″ 2x Barlow
  • Smooth Pearl White finish

What should I expect? 

The Kson A102G is a standout refractor, an amazing visual instrument.  As a true 102mm refractor, is offers to show you a huge amount of objects in excellent detail.  The 20mm extra aperture, compared to the 80mm might not sound like much, but it allows in significantly more light compared to an 80mm.  Despite it’s exceptional 102mm aperture, with the dew shield retracted, it is a mere 700mm in length and is not difficult to handle.  It’s f/6.86 focal ratio means it also enjoys more flexibility in working well with different types of eyepieces than an f/5 and controls chromatic aberrations better.

You will need a good mount to make optimal use of the scope – we recommend a manual EQ4 or better.  You will need 102/106mmmm rings, which we can provide (see our store).  We recommend you get a quality 2″ diagonal (any of the ones on our website are fine), and consider getting a Q-Turret with either the Baader Ortho Mix, or a set of Fujiyama’s (Get a 25mm, 12.5mm, 9mm and a 5mm) or similiar.  Alternatively, the 18mm, 25mm and 32mm 2″ Kellners are ridiculously inexpensive and give superb views through this Telescope and let in an extraordinary amount of light.

This unit weighs 3100grams excluding rings and finder

Weight6 kg

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