Kson 1.25″ 7mm Fully Multi-Coated Super Plossl Eyepiece with Quality Twist Case


Kson 1.25″ 7mm Plossl High Magnification/Power Eyepiece
Includes quality hard plastic screw cases (simply twist and unlock)
Solid design
Soft rubber eyecup for pleasant viewing comfort
Plossl’s are excellent for all viewing tasks, but especially planetary.
Wider field compared to Ortho’s, Plossl’s work better with faster (f/6) telescopes
Blackened interior

   This item has been reviewed by the SRAA (Scenic Rim Astronomy Association)

  • “The Kson 7mm eyepiece is super-light weight and admittedly was the butt of “department store telescope” jokes but once we put it to test, it made us eat our words.  Saturn looked amazing, cassini division in the rings clearly visible.  Jupiters bands were easily distinguishable, and as the red spot came in view, clearly able to see that as well.  It’s really high power, so you would use it only for planets or on the moon.  A great eyepiece.”
  • Eyepiece was tested on a fast f/4.7 focal ratio Dobsonian.  Eyepiece typically performance increases significantly on slower (f/6.5+ scopes). 
Weight.065 kg
Dimensions14 × 13 × 11 cm

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