Baader Classic Ortho 1.25″ Eyepiece 6mm 52° FoV, incl. winged rubber eyecup


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The Astro Dog Classic Ortho Experience!

Have you ever looked through an Ortho?  If you haven’t, then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way – the design type means that you have a 42 degree field of view – not a 62, an 85.

Aside from that consideration, in terms of image quality, they can’t be beat.  They are extremely sharp.

They are best used for planetary and lunar viewing, and sharper views of deep sky objects.

They are also very inexpensive, and you get a superb eyepiece for your money!  On to the features!


Parfocal eyepieces with a very high transmission, very good contrast and thus a very clear field of view, free of distortions. The multi-coating eliminates almost all internal reflections. The eyepieces provide 50° apparent field (6/10/18mm Ortho), sharp field stops and excellent ergonomics for comfortable observing.

Classic optical design of orthoscopic eyepieces

The lens assembly consists of a triplet-element and one plano-convex eye lens, so there are only four glass-air-surfaces. The interior has been blackened for a very good suppression of stray light. Of course, the hard anodised barrel has got a filter thread.

Looking into the eyepieces, you’ll see the effect of the anti-reflection-coating and the blackened lens edges. The coating is so good that it seems like there are no lenses at all! On our optical bench, we couldn’t find any disadvantages compared to so-called “planetary eyepieces” which cost five times more.

The eyepieces use the same glasses and the same optical design as the old orthoscopic Zeiss Jena eyepieces.

Download and read the Wilcox Report on the Q-Turret kit (We split this kit to make it easier to purchase as you want it)



  • Baader Classic Ortho 6mm 1¼” Eyepiece, apparent field of view 52°, incl. winged rubber eyecup
  • Parfocal Eyepiece series with very high transmission
  • 4/2 Lens Elements / Groups
  • 52 Degree Field of View (A classic Ortho is 42 degrees, really, this one is as well, but Baader extended the field stop to make finding easier and let you move it into the sharp 42 degree zone)
  • 5mm Eye Relief
  • 5mm Field Stop
  • 24.2mm in Height
  • Just 37 grams!
  • This eyepiece delivers a pure-white image with outstanding sharpness and contrast
  • True High-Transmission- (HT) Multi-Coating (MC) on all glass-air-surfaces offer a brilliant image while showing almost no reflection

We have NEVER had these come back – give it a try!

Weight.25 kg
Dimensions9 × 7 × 7 cm

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