Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Part 1 of 3 – Equipment Kit


Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Part 1 of 3 – Equipment Kit

This provides the essential equipment you will need for Optics Cleaning.

All items in this kit generally need to be purchased only once.

This 5 piece kit contains:

  • A Triplet Inspection Loupe (20x) – The 20x Triplet Loupe is a high quality jewellers loupe which can be effectively be used to examine imperfections in optics requiring cleaning.
  • A Large, High Quality Rubber “Rocket” Blower – The Rocket Blower provides safe, strong blasts of air without the risk of propellant spitting onto a sensitive optic
  • Small Micro Blower and Brush Attachment – The Microblower and brush is suitable for use in the final phase of cleaning if desired, or as a quick clean after each observing session
  • Plastic Forceps/Tweezers Tool – The plastic forceps are used to hold cleaning materials, or to clean otherwise difficult to reach spaces
  • Large Dust Brush – The Large dust brush is useful for early, pre solvent cleaning and removes grit and heavier particles from the optic surface to prevent scratching the optic lens

Ordering these individually is painful, takes a long time to do, can take many weeks to deliver from overseas, and is very annoying overall.

This all in one kit is convenient to purchase, of the right quality and grade to get the job done, and can be used over and over again letting you focus on what matters – the stars.

Weight.25 kg
Dimensions22 × 8 × 10 cm

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