Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Part 3 of 3 – Disposables Kit


Optics Cleaning Tools Series – Part 3 of 3 – Disposables Kit (30 disposables)

This provides the disposables you need for a cleaning session.  Generally, you will need one kit to clean up to 2 eyepieces, which can be done as an bi-annual or annual cleaning ritual (usually on a cloudy day – never clean at night!).

Although it is understandable to want to stretch the kit, it is essential that you deploy a ‘one swipe/one use’ and bin method.

All items in this kit generally need to be purchased regularly and will last for a single cleaning session for one or two eyepieces.  Buy as many as you need to cover your optics.

This 40 piece fluids kit includes:

  • A disposable facemask – Often overlooked, this prevents spittle from contaminating your optical surface.  One size fits all.  Three layer folding mask to form a 360 degree 3D breathing space.  It includes an invisible plastic nose strip and built in anti-fog features.  Includes an adjustable cartilage bridge to for a comfortable and ergonomic fit.  It has high, flat, elastic ear hooks for lower pressure on the ears.
  • Ten finger cots – Though these require some practice to use, once you have used them, you won’t want to do it any other way.  Superior agility and sensitivity, and they less likely to cause your fingers to sweat.  One size fits most.
  • A cleanroom Anti-Static Wipe – This can be used to clean the outer surface of the optic.
  • Three Foam tipped cleaning swabs – These cleanroom foam tipped swabs offer premium solvent application and removal.  Enough to make a difference where you need it, without being wasteful.
  • Five Dual pure cotton tips (tipped/flat).  These buds are fairly tightly rolled and are smooth, flat and rounded on one end, and slightly pointed on the other and is ideal at specific stages during the cleaning process.
  • Ten Pure cotton buds – These double tipped buds have a looser roll, are very absorbent and ideal for the early stages of solvent application and contaminant removal.

This disposables kits is just perfect for cleaning.   You’ll have disposables you need to do the job right.  At this price, a no-brainer investment.

This disposables kit is convenient to purchase, of the right quality and grade to get the job done, and is best all used during a single cleaning session with up to two eyepieces.  Get as many as you need!

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 2 cm