Kson 2″ H-Beta / Hydrogen Beta Photographic Filter (Two Inch)


See Nebulae the way you were meant to

Hydrogen Beta Photographic filter with a Standard 2″ Thread – This special line filter can be that tool – It is a very narrow bandpass centered on blue-green H-Beta emission line.

Astro Dog is Kson’s Authorised Australian Dealer – Genuine Stock, Actually made by Kson themselves, Shipped from Brisbane, Australia


  • 2″ Hydrogen Beta )H-Beta) Filter (9mn, 486nm)
  • Plastic Case for safe, dust free storage

Download Graph

  • It is useful for the following :1. IC 434 (HORSEHEAD NEBULA)
    2. NGC 1499 (CALIFORNIA NEBULA, naked eye and RFT)
    3. M43 (part of the Great Orion Nebula)
    4. IC 5146 (COCOON NEBULA in Cygnus)
    5. M20 (TRIFID NEBULA, main section)
    6. NGC 2327 (diffuse nebula in Monoceros)
    7. IC 405 (the FLAMING STAR NEBULA in Auriga)
    8. IC 417 (diffuse Nebula in Auriga)
    9. IC 1283 (diffuse Nebula in Sagittarius)
    10. IC 1318 GAMMA CYGNI NEBULA (diffuse nebula in Cygnus)
    11. IC 2177: (Diffuse Nebula, Monoceros)
    12. IC 5076 (diffuse nebula, Cygnus)
    13. PK64+5.1 “CAMPBELL’S HYDROGEN STAR” Cygnus (PNG 64.7+5.0)
    14. Sh2-157a (small round nebula inside larger Sh2-157, Cassiopeia)
    15. Sh2-235 (diffuse nebula in Auriga).
    16. Sh2-276 “BARNARD’S LOOP” (diffuse nebula in Orion, naked eye)
    17. IC 2162 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion)
    18 Sh2-254 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion near IC 2162)
    19. Sh2-256-7 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion near IC 2162)
    20. vdB93 (Gum-1) (diffuse nebula in Monoceros near IC 2177)
    21. Lambda Orionis nebular complex (very large, naked-eye)
Weight.2 kg
Dimensions22 × 10 × 9 cm

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