Baader 2″ Clicklock Clamp M42 (Part #2956242)


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Baader 2″ to 1.25″ ClickLock Adaptor

No more stumbing in the dark with little screws – Just twist, replace the eyepiece, diagonal or accessory, and twist again to tighten.  You will never go back.

  • Baader 2″ ClickLock clamps – This one is M42
  • A small rotation by 20° with gentle fingertip pressure to the knurled lever is enough to securely clamp every 2″ accessory.
  • Ratchet function – features acoustic and haptic display of the clamp-position. This way you can hear and feel in darkness without looking if the clamp is opened or closed.
  • Compression tension-ring of thick-walled hard bronze, keeps its shape even after many years of use and holds expensive accessories securely – without causing scratches or pressure points on your accessories.


We have tested the effectivity and stability of the ClickLock mechanism for many years with the 1¼” ClickLock clamp.
The 2″ ClickLock system is designed to be much more mechanically solid.

  • Even a 20° turn with light pressure of the rotary lever is enough to hold all 2″ accessories absolutely securely and firmly.
  • Ratchet function – indicates the position of the clamp acoustically and haptically. So you can know if the clamp is open or closed in the dark and without looking.
  • Massive tension ring – keeps even the most expensive accessories absolutely safe, without causing scratches and bruises
  • The position of the rotary lever is adjustable for left-hand / right-hand use either by six camera slotted screws or by six Allen screws with a hexagonal wrench (depending on the model)
  • The heaviest tested load to date is a complete C14 with an SCL-clamp and a 2″ Click Lock star diagonal with a Scopos 30mm extreme eyepiece. The C14 has been lifted on the eyepiece. We emphasize that this test setup is not is recommended for imitation.
  • The extensive range of ClickLock clamps makes it possible to retrofit the Baader 2″ ClickLock clamp on many telescopes
  • With the 2″ Clicklock clamp, you can also convert e.g. your 2″ Maxbright mirror (or the 2″ universal prism) to the Clicklock system, simply unscrew the old 2″ clamp and screw on the new 2″ Clicklock clamp.
Weight.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 13 × 10 cm