Kson ED1026-c 102mm f/6 Doublet Semi APO Refractor


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“Grab and Go” Semi-APO Doublet Refractor

Detailed Specifications:

  • Carbon Fibre Build – 2.6kg
  • ED FPL-53 lens
  • D=102mm L=612mm, F/6
  • 2″ Dual speed Crayford Focuser with rotation collar (Great feel, precise focusing)
  • Dual Mounted Rings with Vixen Style Plate
  • Retractable Dew Shield
  • Nylon Case Included
  • Sapphire Blue or Smoky Grey

What should I expect? 

This is well engineered, beautiful scope. This is the best “Grab and Go” scope you will probably ever find and gets rave reviews online. It’s practical, highly portable due to its very short length.  The focuser is rock solid even when fully extended. The inch wide dual mounted rings have five threaded holes on the top and bottom and are attached to a vixen plate and are solid.

It has very good optical characteristics.  The ED1026 is factory collimated extremely well and are both Ronchi and star tested.  The lens coat is even and perfect – Both the CA and Field Curvature is surprisingly mild, though a field flattener is recommended for AP. Planetary detail is brighter and has higher resolution than that of an Orion ED-80.   The clever retractable dew shield prevents much glare and reduces moisture build up. A nylon padded case for travel is included too.

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Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 15 × 15 cm

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