Kson f/5 Refractor (400mm x 80mm) Package (With OTA, Tracker Mount, Rings + Vixen Bar + Eyepieces)


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Kson 80mm 400mm f/5 Land and Sky Observing Package Full Package

Detailed Specifications:

Telescope (Determines Optical Quality)

  • Refractor Design – Very good optical quality.
  • Achromatic 80mm lens with a 400mm focal length, f/5
  • 1.25″ Focuser
  • Metal Dew Shield
  • Metal Finder Shoe
  • Pearl White

Rings and a Vixen Bar (Allows the telescope to be attached to the tripod)

  • High Quality Rings hold your Telescope Securely, and attach onto a Vixen Bar
  • Vixen Bar Included and is preattached to your scope – no assembly is required.

Tracker Mount (Holds the Telescope and allows you to rotate your view to see different targets)

  • “Grab and Go” Set up in minutes – not complicated
  • Easily attach the telescope, and rotate it up and down, left and right.
  • Need to make micro-adjustments?  Attach the included slow motion controllers!
  • Tough, but light metal frame, with a tray that holds your eyepieces and adds further stability to the tripod for steady viewing
  • Extendable tripod so you can adjust it to your preferred height as required
  • Suitable for light telescopes

Eyepieces (Determines Magnification)

  • Unusually good Kellner Eyepieces allow great day or night use
  • 10mm or 15mm High Magnification Eyepiece (depending on availability)
  • 25mm Low Magnification Eyepiece also included
  • Eyepieces are Metal, have blackened edges and are of exceptional quality, allowing very clear views.

Want more?  Get an extra eyepiece using our powerful eyepiece selector menu

Diagonal (Optional – Changes the angle at which you view the telescope to make it more comfortable and may flip the image so it is the right way around)

Add the one you require (you will need both if you intend to use it for both earth and celestial viewing)

Finder (Optional – Allows you to point the telescope at what you want to look at)

Add the one you require

What should I expect? 

The Kson 400×80 is an excellent widefield refractor with great color rendition.  Pictures are taken with a standard 25mm Kellner eyepiece.  These are inexpensive and an excellent addition to this scope.  Images shown were taken with the refractor (included), a correct image diagonal (optional) and a 25mm Kellner eyepiece (included).

Have a look at the official walkthrough on this scope.

Is postage included? 

YES!  Postage is included to major cities, but country or remote areas may incur additional costs.  Please check with us if you live country, otherwise, we may send you a minor postage adjustment.

Weight6 kg
Dimensions80 × 32 × 24 cm

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