Kson f/5 Refractor (400mm x 80mm) Package (With OTA, Tracker Mount, Rings + Vixen Bar + Eyepieces and Diagonal)


Kson 80mm 400mm f/5 Land and Sky Observing Package Full Package

This package is a great combination of telescope, mount, eyepieces and diagonal and will get you started with a easy to set up and look after telescope package for the entire family.

Detailed Specifications:

Telescope (Determines Optical Quality)

    • Refractor Design – Very good optical quality.
    • Achromatic 80mm lens with a 400mm focal length, f/5
    • 1.25″ Focuser
    • Metal Dew Shield
    • Metal Finder Shoe
    • Pearl White

We compare the Kson 80mm x 400mm with the Saxon 804 refractor


YouTube video

This is the actual refractor package, complete with the Kson 80mm x 400mm Vixen Plate version, tracker, and the suprisingly good Kson eyepiece Kit.

YouTube video

Vixen Bar (Allows the telescope to be attached to the tripod)

  • Vixen Bar Included and is preattached to your scope – no assembly is required (as per video).

Tracker Mount (Holds the Telescope and allows you to rotate your view to see different targets)

  • “Grab and Go” Set up in minutes – not complicated
  • Easily attach the telescope, and rotate it up and down, left and right – no need to set it up and point it in a special way (like with an EQ mount).
  • Need to make micro-adjustments?  Attach the included slow motion controllers!
  • Tough, but light metal frame, with a tray that holds your eyepieces and adds further stability to the tripod for steady viewing
  • Extendable tripod so you can adjust it to your preferred height as required

Eyepieces & Diagonal

  • We include two three element eyepieces (a high magnification and a low magnification), and a 45 degree prism diagonal and a red dot finder!

Want more eyepieces?  Get an extra eyepiece using our powerful eyepiece selector menu

What should I expect? 

The Kson 400×80 is an excellent widefield refractor with great color rendition.  These are inexpensive and an excellent addition to this scope.

Have a look at the official walkthrough on this scope.

Weight6 kg
Dimensions80 × 32 × 24 cm

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