Astronomy Lubrication – Mobilgrease 28 5ml BD Syringe and 1″ tube extension


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This is an excellent product which has a lot of application for Astronomy equipment.
Very high quality grease
Prevents rust or corrosion
Superior load bearing ability
High oxitive stability – long re-lubrication intervals
Uses polyalphaolefin (POA) synthetic with an organo-clay (non soap) thickener
Wax Free
Excels under heavy loads
Outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures
Nylon Gear safe
Excellent wheel bearing grease
The clay based thickener ensures that it will stick to the gears and stay gooey.
Designed for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings at low to high speeds.
Also splines, screws, worm gears and other mechninisms where high friction reduction, low wear and low lubricant losses are required.
Do not mix clay and lithium based lubricants, they are not compatible – Clean thoroughly first and remove old grease.
Standard 5ml Lok Syringe with BD cap for reuse with 1″ tube extension to get grease to hard to get places.
Have it in days, not weeks – Delivered ex Brisbane, tracked.
Postage Included.

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