Astronomy Lubrication – Mobilith / Mobil SHC 100 5ml BD Syringe and 1″ tube extension


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This is an superb, supreme performance product which has a lot of applications, including for Astronomy equipment.

Originally developed as an aviation grease, it boasts reduced friction, low wear, long service life.  NLGI grade 2.  Very good for lubrication of mounts, bearings, bushings, teeth on RA drive gears and is also suitable for electric motors.

Prevents wear, rust and corrosion, reduces friction and has Long service life.  This is a red lithium complex synthetic grease, entirely different to “lithium grease” sold at Bunnings.

It is commonly sold with Peterson engineering kits and sold under several names, including “Pete’s Red Grease” in the USA.  This grease is recommended by Celestron USA as a fix for baffle tube grease dripping oil on corrector plate in high temperature environments.  It maintains viscosity over a very wide temperature range (it doesn’t get thicker or thinner) and won’t run.  It’s synthetic base ensures it won’t dry out or cake.  Some noticeable, but not offensive odor (“grease smell”).

Excellent resistance to water-wash / dew.  Tenacious structural ability with no wax content.  It uses a polyalphaolefin (PAO) lithium complex soap thickener.
It feels fairly light, texture is a little like bicycle grease.
Do not mix clay and lithium based lubricants, they are not compatible – Clean thoroughly first and remove old grease.
Information on use and handling, as well as health and safety information, can be found in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which can be obtained on
Standard 5ml Lok Syringe with BD cap for reuse with 1″ tube extension to get grease to hard to get places.
Have it in days, not weeks – Delivered ex Brisbane, tracked.
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