Baader Sky Surfer III (Night & Day Design) Red-Dot-Finder

You will love it.

Skysurfer III, Mod. 2016 with separated double length housing – to be used as for rough solar alignment.

The unit features a wealth of adapters to also mount onto tripod heads beside every spotting scope and onto every pair of binoculars with a dedicated bino-bridge-adapter. As of now, all scope-adapters included in the scope of supply of SkySurfer III are available also as separate products. Please note a detailed manual under the tab “Downloads”. For use as shadow-tube, please note our safety instructions at

SkySurfer III LED Red Dot- and Solarfinder

th the diverse adaptation possibilities, the large dew-cap and the additional function as solar finder, it will help to find your targets in the sky quickly with many telescopes or spotting scopes. The high-quality coating allows you to see also fainter starThe SkySurfer III can be mounted on a variety of devices. By loosening the two screws a) slightly, you can slide it onto the dovetail of the adapter you need. Then tighten the two screws by hand. You can now attach the adapter to the respective device.

The Red Dot Finder has recently been reviewed

  • ” An excellent scope. Very well made, especially the dovetail mount which meant that the scope needed minimal adjustment to be in line with the telescope. Some mounts need to be packed to achieve alignment. Particularly like the 30mm size of the sights.” – Paul

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Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finder (Night and Day Design) # 2957300


Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

Kson Red Dot Finder
Uses adjustable screws for adjustments to alignment
Includes Base, with additional option for attaching without screws
Simple, lightweight design that won’t interfere with telescope balance

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions12 × 11 × 6 cm

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