Starlite Mini RED LED Adjustable Brightness 9V Astronomy Torch


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End the Frustration – The Perfect Astronomy, Pilot, Navigation, Caver, Hunter, Fisher, Hiler, Camper, Motorist and  Bicycler Flashlight!

Exceptional Value, Makes an amazing difference to your Astronomy Sessions  – A bad light ruins night vision, is too bright or too dim, rolls away, can’t be easily gripped and can’t be adjusted.

Specifications and Features:

  • DUAL Ultra-bright LEDs — The best and the brightestwith lifetimes of 100,000+ hours, never break, and provide smooth illumination.
  • Square design means it won’t roll off the table or bench
  • Solid, tough build, sturdy feel
  • Kind to others eyes – The red LEDs are recessed from the front end of the flashlight, so won’t be seen unless someone is in front of the unit.
  • Thumbwheel Brightness Control — Yes – YOU set the brightness – Just dial up just the right amount of light needed.
  • Energy Efficient — Up to 320+ hours at the dimmest setting, 12+ hours at the brightest, from one 9V Alkaline.
  • Quality Duracell 9V Battery included!
  • Exclusive brightness regulation circuitry — keeps the LEDs shining bright as batteries age, unlike competitors LED flashlights which start bright but quickly fade.
  • 20 inch neck strap included
  • Made in the USA

Why an adjustable red light?

The answer is that red is best for night vision.  And more specifically, it needs to be quite dim.  This is a difficult point for some to grasp, even red light – if it is too bright, can interfere with night vision.  You see people at star parties with blazing bright flashlights and light boxes for reading charts, thinking that since they’re red it’s okay.  But if the red light you’re using shows any more colorfully than funny brown-grey, then it’s too bright.  If all you need to do is pick up an eyepiece, check on some equipment, walk around,  or glance at a control – really any task that doesn’t require high visual acuity – then adjustable brightness red light is best for preserving night vision.

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