Ainsworth Pink Dental Stone / Diestone Waterproof “plaster” (450gr. Package)


This diestone is perfect for making grinding tools or jobs where you need solid, mouldable materials.  Double packed, dispatched from Brisbane

  • An extra hard type IV die stone. Ideal for variety of applications – high accuracy of fit as a result of low setting expansion. Very smooth & very hard surface.
  • For precise preparations

Detailed Specifications

Color: Pink

Mixing Time: 30-60 seconds

Working Time: 7-9 minutes

Setting Time: 10-12 minutes

Water Ratio for 100g powder: 24-26ml

Maximum setting expansion: 0.10%

Compressive strength at 1 hour: 26 MPa

Compressive strength at 24 hours: 50 MPa

Manufactured by Ainsworth Dental Company, Australia

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