Baader Planetarium 2″ UV/IR-Cut / L Filter #2459210A


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Baader UV/IR-Cut L Filter

Special Imaging Filter for cleaner images

– Blocks UV below 400nm and IR above 680nm
– Maximum transmission, scratchproof hard coated
– non-ageing sealed coating edges

These have been reviewed:

“In combination with the Baader Contrast-Booster filter, a great tool for planetary photography.” Michael

“On the one hand, I use this filter as a focusing filter when I want to use the very dark H-alpha filter and on the other for shots in the Visible range with my full-spectrum modified Sony A6300. Otherwise, the IR component would lead to slight red halos around the stars, since long-wave light requires a different focus. The UV / IR filter blocks these unwanted wavelengths and thus ensures a sharper image. Other UV / IR filters from the photo range have a significantly less steep drop in the red range and thus a lower permeability for the H-alpha band. In addition, they can have a different glass thickness than the Baader filters and are then not suitable for focusing instead of the H-alpha filter.”  Alexander

Dimensions15 × 13 × 10 cm

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