4″ Kson Dobsonian Deep Sky Telescope


This is without a doubt one of the best value telescopes you can buy.  The Kson 4″ / 102mm aperture allows you gather immense amount of light, and the solid base allow you to easily adjust it to target your preferred view.  The Dobsonian style means that it has a stable base that reduces instability when adjusting the telescope.  The way you use this telescope after you have set it up, is to look through the small ‘red dot finder’ which is attached to the base of the telescope.  It paints a ‘red dot’ into the black sky showing you where it is pointed.   You rotate the telescope and adjust it up and down until what you want to look at is in view.  Enjoy!

BEST value beginner telescope for Astronomical Observing, Easy to use!

Even though we have called it a beginner telescope, it is only so in the sense that it is easy to operate and learn.  It completely avoids the confusing ‘EQ’ Equatorial controls that leave new telescope users frustrated and leave the telescope in the corner after a few attempts.  This is a telescope that is so easy to operate that you will find yourself looking out at the sky regularly wondering if tonight’s another good night to use it.

The f/6.25 design makes it easier to focus on objects and allows the telescope to be used with a greater variety of eyepieces later on.

Side Notes:

If purchasing for a young child, be aware young children have short attention spans.  Don’t be disappointed if early viewings are brief (“O I can see it!”) no matter how spectacular the view.  It takes time for children to learn and many repeated exposures to Astronomy for the habit to get started.  We recommend the obvious objects (Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Teach them to find and identify the Southern Cross, then the “jewel box” and teach them to look for the coal sack.  Go from there.  You will need to persist with it over some time before it ‘catches on’.

This design can also work for terrestrial (earth) viewing with an optional 45 degree “correct image” diagonal (if you do not have this, the image will be upside down).

This scope comes with unusually good eyepieces.  The 25mm features an oversized lens which makes it particularly easy to look through without “blackouts”.  This is particularly friendly for new users where the eyepieces will work without requiring a particularly good eye placement.  The metal version of this eyepiece was reviewed by William Paolini and got excellent reviews.  The 7mm eyepiece is actually the 7mm “Planet killer” eyepiece that we sell by itself for $49.95.  Both eyepieces come with a good quality twist case.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Dobsonian Design – Very good optical quality.
  • 102mm mirror with a 640mm focal length, f/6.25
  • 1.25″ Focuser
  • Red Dot Finder
  • Quality steel tube with Pearl White finish
  • No exposed wooden bits which allow better resistance to the elements than other models.

What should I expect? 

The Kson 4″/102mm dobsonian is tremendous fun and one of the easiest and most portable telescopes to taker with you.  The 25mm eyepiece allows wonderful “wide view” views, and allows you to take in the enormity of space, which the 7mm allows great close up views.  The 25mm when coupled with the barlow in practice allows views between the two eyepieces and very close up views when coupled with the 7mm eyepiece.

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Weight7.1 kg
Dimensions60 × 33 × 34 cm