(2m) Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher AZ, GTi Mounts


Once you start using EQMOD and the Lynx EQDIR cable, you will never go back. 

FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mounts

Important: EQMOD only works with mounts in equatorial mode, you may need to install the new EQ mode firmware for your AZ-GTi prior to use.

This convenient FTDI EQDIR adapter allows direct connection of a Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mount to your laptop.  It uses an RJ12 (a slimmer cable than the RJ45) connection.

The FTDI 232R chipset works reliably across all versions of Windows and, because each cable has a unique chipset ID, each time you unplug the adapter then plug it back into the same computer, even if on a different physical USB port, the COM port number remains the same.

And, we quality control each and every Lynx Astro cable prior to dispatch.

This is a 2m cable.  See our 3m and 5m variants if you need those.

Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10, Linux, Mac OSX 10.3 and above.

Windows users, the EQDIR adapter should install automatically but should you require drivers they can be downloaded here.

The EQMOD project consists of a suite of open source applications that bypasses the hand-controller and communicates directly with the mount’s stepper motor controller.

Using EQMod article by Steve Richards

EQMOD website

EQMOD User Group

The price includes shipping (Australia Only).

User comments

“This is the perfect cable to link the AZ GTI Skywatcher mount to EQMOD. EQMOD recognises the mount straight away once you have configured the software as per their instructions.”  Raymond

I’ve had some odd problems using my AZ GTi for AP in EQ Mode with the ZWO ASI AIR Pro not being able to ensure it was in any way linked to WIFI connectivity this cable has resolved all those issues with GoTo not completing full movements and then failing intermittently after plate solving this cable has completely resolved it – Yes it’s not cheap but trust me when you are stood out under clear skies and unable to capture images you would happily pay £200 for it just to work! (Trust me this has happened to me on multiple occasions under our un-reliable UK skies! So when clear skies come around you don’t want to lose out!)  I also got a cheap cable off a friend from AliExpress it didn’t work so don’t bother just buy this and get snapping!” – Lee

Always had to fight to get connection with my AZ GTi’s weak wifi signal, now with this Lynx Astro USB adapter, the connection works straight away without any hassle. I’m using SynscanPro with APT. Just had to configure SynscanPro to connect using com port” – Steve

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions22 × 9 × 10 cm